Competing gacha game sends out in-game mail on Zenless Zone Zero’s release day that subtly references HoyoVerse’s similar character designs


If you like a bit of cheeky drama between game companies, a bit of inter-corporate back-and-forth, today is a good day! Alchemy Stars, the popular gacha Level Infinite, has sent out an in-game message that subtly hints at some fascinating comparisons to characters appearing in Zenless Zone Zero by HoYoVerse.

On July 4, the day Zenless Zone Zero was released, all Alchemy Stars players received an in-game message from a character named Tiny One stating that she had been asked to send an email to the player by another character named Sinsa. These two characters are critical to this little poke because they look a bit like a pair of Zenless Zone Zero characters: Koleda and Anton, respectively.

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To lend a hand convey these perceived similarities, we’ve included two images created by Reddit user PisangMinyakRebus below so you can form your own opinion.

Here are Anton and Sinsa, side by side… | Image Source: BananaOilBoiled

Alchemy Stars and Zenless Zone Zero Koleda Comparison
…and here’s Tiny One and Koleda side by side. | Image Source: BananaOilBoiled

Do the jokes about copying designs make sense, or is it just a comical joke? Well, Alchemy Stars was released in 2021, while Zenless Zone Zero first revealed its Belobog faction (which both Anton and Koleda belong to) in 2022, so the timelines could fit such suspicions. But you know, it’s not like it’s a basic copy-paste. Koleda, for example, is significantly different in character and moveset. Anton is a bit closer, but there are also clear differences there.

Ultimately, it’s up to you! Alchemy Stars players get a few freebies as part of this, as well as a giggle. While the folks at Zenless Zone Zero are just vibrating, having fun with their shiny up-to-date game. Who doesn’t like a little banter, especially between video games?

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