Common Ground World from Gala Games introduces the Kimchi frenzy and modern events


Key message points:

  • The Kimchi Craze Party allows Common Ground World players produce and sell this dish in modern korean restaurant. With $GALA awards for the best performers.
  • The modern recipe requires several ingredients, including: lettuce and fish sauce. Production takes 120 seconds; Fish sauce is also modern with a production time of 360 seconds.
  • Temporary increases in cash and star ratings have been announced for some products. With modern facilities such as a diminutive seaweed farm and a wishing well, and Upcoming events in July 2024.

The Common Ground World Weekly blog has announced some exhilarating updates for Gala Games players and community. This week the community will be able to take part in Kimchi Craze Partywhich introduces Kimchi sales at the modern Korean restaurant in the game.

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Starting tomorrow, players will be able to do this produce and sell this dish, made with fresh lettuce and shrimp-based fish sauce. The goal is to climb the rankings collecting stars by producing and selling goods with $GALA rewards for the best competitors at the end of the competition.

The event included several details that were vital to players. The Kimchi trading time is 20 seconds and requires one unit of gasoline. This product can be sold in the Northern Desert biome, with boundaries including the Eastern Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and the Western River. Players who excel in the event will receive standard $GALA prizesthe value of which depends on their final position on the leaderboard.

How is kimchi prepared?

The modern Kimchi recipe calls for it 4 heads of lettuce, 1 fish sauce, 1 sugar, 1 rice vinegar and 2 seaweed, produced in 120 seconds at an in-game Korean restaurant. Additionally, the sauce plant produces fish sauce, another modern ingredient that requires 1 unit of water, 2 salt and 2 shrimpover production time 360 seconds.

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GALA awards and modern events in July

Some ingredients and products have had their monetary and star values ​​increased for this event. For example, value the price of salt increased from $2,250 to $5,000. And fish sauce went from $8,600 to $21,000. Additionally, the number of stars awarded for Kimchi production has been increased 50,000 for this week.

The modern additions include: A diminutive seaweed farm. Launched 21st June, allows for more competent seaweed production using less space. The Wishing Well, available from June 22cleans sullied areas in a 3-2-1 radius using less space.

Additionally, Gala Games were announced upcoming events announced for July 2024 Turning on Starlight trade show box with products like Apple Pie from July 2-5. Chocolate Ice Cream from July 9-12 and a modern cake from July 16-19. Players can too get free NFT memoriessuch as storing cheese in June and storing coffee beans in July.

Finally, players were reminded optimize your gaming experience making sure the game is the only tab open in your browser for optimal performance. And the importance of logging in before the event ends to trigger the fast-forward. Players are also encouraged to join guilds to improve their cooperation strategies. They were asked to do so provide feedback on the latest Lite article via forms and the Discord channel.

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