Come across the Rumble Points campaign


It’s been a long time coming, but the time has come… Stumble on Rumble premieres!


Stumble Upon Rumble finally has all the features that make it ready for launch. As many of you know, the most significant features we still wanted to complete were wallet integration and PvP betting features, and we managed to do it!

Additionally, we’ve made some general improvements to the game, such as revamping the entire multiplayer system to better optimize it for latency.

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Our modern built-in wallets


We have always wanted to reward our players. What better way to do this than directly through a points campaign?

You don’t have to jump through hoops either, by simply playing the game as you normally would you automatically accumulate points. More specifically, players are rewarded for:

  • Winning fights (duh)
  • Achieving a winning streak
  • I play every day
  • Referring people
  • And most importantly, winning bets!

The more you win, the more points you earn and the higher you climb in the leaderboard

Our leaderboard for players

Community Points

We all want to include other communities in what we do, so why should our points campaign be any different?

Players can still play with our partners’ cosmetics if they hold one of the partner’s assets in their wallets. But beyond being a frigid cosmetic, wearing your partner’s warrior skin or hat now has a huge impact!

Any point you earn while wearing a partner’s cosmetic also counts towards your partner’s point score. Partners are then listed on a community leaderboard, showing everyone which cryptocurrency gaming communities are the best. In addition to bragging rights, partner communities can earn additional rewards for their owners.

Important notes:

  • Wearing a partner cosmetic does not affect the points you earn individually. There are no downsides to wearing your partner’s cosmetics.
  • Wearing two partners’ cosmetics at the same time (e.g. hat and warrior) means that the points will be divided equally between both partners.
Communities also count among themselves


Our release date is approaching. We will officially announce it next week.

This means you better start exercising. Join our Discord to stay up to date with all our exercise options.

See you soon in the ring!

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