Claws Stars to Host New Collaboration with Mascot Usagyuuun


  • Claw Stars to Collaborate with Popular Mascot Usagyuuun
  • Collect two fresh ships to pilot with fresh playable characters
  • Also get animated stickers, cosmetics, and other items inspired by the character!

Award-winning casual game Claw Stars is set to host another collaboration, this time with popular emoji mascot Usagyuuun. The collaboration will feature fresh ships to pilot, a playable character, and other collectibles from the beloved white rabbit.

A stylized white rabbit, Usagyuuun is one of many notable mascots that seems to have become popular after appearing as a sticker on the Japanese messaging app Line. Given Line’s extensive exploit of stickers (including crossovers with popular games), it’s no surprise that Usagyuuun has inspired a wave of merchandising.

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Meanwhile, in Claw Stars, you play as a race of space hamsters piloting UFOs equipped with the familiar suspended claws. Yes, it’s basically a claw game where you have to collect coins and other collectibles as you progress through the game. But while that may sound silly, it’s surprisingly addictive and was even featured on Apple Arcade.

What kind of bunny is that?

As for the actual collaboration content, the Usagyuuun themselves will appear as a playable character, alongside an exclusive ship to pilot. There’s also a carrot-shaped ship piloted by another Usagyuuun character, the mysterious Carrot Ninja.

Of course, there are also a ton of exclusive Usagyuuun stickers to collect, alongside two fresh cosmetic sets from the Naughty Rabbit collection and the Mecha Rabbit Style Station. So even if you’re not a Usagyuuun fan yourself, there’s still plenty to grab from this fresh collaboration.

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