Chapter 2 Pixels is now available with more improvements: here are the details


  • Chapter 2 pixels is launching the game with major improvements focused on fun and sustainability, aiming to attract another 10 million players as it strives to become a leading gaming company.
  • New skills, grading system for industries, and the Specks and NFT Lands rework allow for greater customization and progression with the addition of over 100 novel recipes and items.
  • The task board is now Infinifunnel, available from players’ homes, improving task management; Speck and NFT houses have been equipped with novel amenities and features.

After two years of joint development, The long-awaited Chapter 2 Pixels has finally arrived fired, introducing a host of improvements designed to enhance the fun and ensure the game’s durability. At first glance, The pixels may seem familiar, but a deeper dive reveals their transformation gambling experience focused on development. With more activities between levels, players can now personalize their journey through the game.

As the largest Web3 gaming company, Pixels is increasing its ambition to become the preeminent brand in the gaming industry. The goal is clear: to welcome another 10 million players and celebrate each milestone with the community.

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Chapter 2


New skills have been introduced, such as stone shaping and metalworking, while the leveling curve has been adjusted to provide a smoother experience. To improve player development, skills consolidation and migration from Chapter 1 have been introduced.


A novel Tiering system has been introduced in various industries, Upgrading items such as farming, kitchen stoves, woodworking table and more. The machine at MOI now boasts updated recipes, and Barney’s BarnBQ offers an expanded menu for culinary enthusiasts.


Chapter 2 Pixels is now available with more improvements: here are the details

Specks have undergone a comprehensive modernization. Each beginner spot now contains a level 1 house, various level 1 trees and soils, and a mine. With five potential enhancements and no industry placement restrictions, the customization possibilities are endless.

The game has expanded its inventory with over 100 novel recipes and items. Tool/industry levels such as Copperite, Bronzenite, Irontite and Adamaxium have been added to enhance the gameplay.

NFT lands

NFT Lands now offers unlimited placement in the industry, allowing owners to take full advantage of their virtual properties. The introduction of Tier 1-4 industries and trait-based benefits such as increased tree fall rates in certain areas adds depth to land management.

Speck Houses can now be upgraded twice and equipped with indispensable amenities. NFT houses offer additional luxuries, such as a cave basement or a swimming pool in the case of vast NFT houses.

Task Board / Infinifunel

infinite funnel, newly renamed Task Board, now perfectly complements the renewed grading system. Whether you’re at home Speck or NFT, this centralized hub is easily accessible and designed to cater to all gaming needs.

With these significant updates in Chapter 2, Pixels will redefine Web3 gaming with an immersive and customizable experience that will delight casual gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

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