Can you recreate the final cutscene from Destiny 2: Final Shape?


Once you have finished cutting, Destiny 2 players get to watch one of the best cutscenes in the entire series. However, a bug caused some players to miss the game, while others simply wanted a chance to watch it again.

Traditionally, Destiny 2 players only have one chance to watch a cutscene before they disappear forever. Over the years, we have been taught to always be prepared for an significant moment in history, just in case we get our only chance to see it. There’s nothing more devastating than missing a moment that every other player has seen, such as the final cutscene Final shape. However, there is a way to catch it if you haven’t seen it due to a bug or time constraints.

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Can you play the ending cutscene from Destiny 2: Final Shape?

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You can play the last cutscene from Destiny 2: Final ShapeThis wasn’t initially possible in-game, but enough players experienced the bug and the cutscene is so amazing that Bungie added a way for players to see it again after unlocking it.

play the final cutscene from Destiny 2: Final Shape
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To rewatch the last cutscene from Destiny 2: Final Shapee, you need to launch the game and open The Pale Heart location in the Navigator. Select the Excision exercise as if you were going to play it, then click the difficulty mode setting.

A modern menu will open where you can see the four types of difficulty. Replay will allow you to replay the mission without any narrative moments. The narrative is the same, but it has these narrative moments, and if you want Catalyst Ergo Sum, play Grandmaster. Either of these options will get you through Excision, which is great if you want to get more loot, but sometimes you just want to watch a cutscene and relive the moment.

The best option to choose, however, is the Epilogue, as this will only play the ending cutscenes of Excision, including the part at the very end where your Guardian sits and looks at the Traveler and listens to the other characters discuss Echoes of The Witness as they fly off into space . It’s a tranquil moment that I wanted to relive, but you’ll also get to watch a cutscene of Crow, Ikora, Zavala, and your Guardian sending lanterns into the sky to the original’s soundtrack Destiny.

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