Call of Duty’s Fallout Crossover Dresses Price, Ghost, Soap and Gas in Vault Dweller skins


Activision has detailed the Call of Duty Fallout crossover and confirmed a June 20, 2024 release date.

The merger of both Microsoft-owned franchises sees Price, Ghost, Soap and Gaz from Task Force 141 dressed in Vault Dweller skins. There are Vault-Tec-themed weapon blueprints and other Fallout-themed items for exploit in Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile.

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The Fallout: Vault Dwellers in-game event will begin at 10:00 a.m. PT on June 20 and run through 8:00 a.m. PT on June 26. Tracer Pack: The Fallout Vault Dweller Pack includes two Fallout-inspired weapon blueprints, featuring Vault-Tec tracers and the VATS death effect.

Image source: Activision Publishing.

Here are the details by: Call of Duty blog: :

Equip the “Vault-Tec approved” M16 firearm design with two aftermarket parts: the JAK Cutthroat stock, offering an unmatched combination of speed and aiming stability, and the JAK Patriot conversion kit, which transforms the M16 into a fully automatic rifle with excellent recoil control and aiming stability.

Combined with a 45-round magazine and two attachments to improve handling and recoil control, this is the perfect weapon for laser-taking down enemies from long range.

For close combat, choose the HRM-9 Atomic Disintegrator weapon blueprint, designed for long-term close combat. Featuring a 50-round drum magazine, thermal target identification, increased accuracy and recoil control, and extended range, this submachine gun configuration is ideal for targeting with medium-range competitive capabilities.

Image source: Activision Publishing.
Image source: Activision Publishing.

The Fallout Pack also includes the Vault 141 operator skin for Price, Ghost, Soap and Gaz, plus six loading screens and more. The full list of included content is as follows:

  • Four “Vault 141” operator skins.
  • HRM-9 “Atomic Disintegrator” weapon blueprint.
  • M16 Weapon Blueprint “Vault-Tec Approved”.
  • “Let’s do it!” and the Fat Man Spell.
  • “Wasteland Workshop” calling card.
  • Large “You are special” sticker.
  • “Vault-Tec Engineer” emblem.
  • “Nuka-Cola Walk” sticker.
  • Six loading screens including “Nuka-Cola”, “Please Wait”, “Survivors’ Journey”, “Sanctuary Heights”, “Vault 141” and “Restoring Democracy”

Image source: Activision Publishing.
Image source: Activision Publishing.

Meanwhile, the Fallout: Vault Dwellers event offers challenges in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. Here are the details:

Equip any Vault Dweller skin during the Vault Dweller Event to gain an additional XP bonus. Earn additional Fallout-themed cosmetic items such as the gigantic “Republic of New California” decal, “Nuka-Cola Cap” emblem, “Slocum’s Joe” decal, “Nuka-Cola” pendant, and “Nuka-Cola Quantum” weapon camouflage.

Activision has become heavily involved in Call of Duty crossover events in recent years, with in-game skins and weapons appearing in everything from Warhammer 40,000 to Gundam. The Fallout Bundle arrives on the heels of the breakout success of Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV show, which has increased interest in all things post-apocalyptic.

This crossover with Fallout, as well as the recent Gundam event, were discovered in the May database, which also found evidence suggesting that The Crow content is on the way. This is clearly intended to coincide with the upcoming one The Crow movie starring Bill Skarsgård.

Modern Warfare 3 continues to receive updates as Activision prepares for the launch of Black Ops 6 in October. Activision is expected to move away from last year’s shooter and focus on recent seasons of Black Ops 6 and Warzone later this year.

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