Build your virtual cat city and earn Catizen coins with the Hivelance Catizen clone script!


๐Ÿพ Unlock the future of crypto gaming with our Catizen cloning script!

Hello, dear players and cryptocurrency enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own city of anthropomorphic cats and earn real cryptocurrency while doing so?

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Well, look no further because Catizen, the groundbreaking play-to-earn game powered by Telegram, is taking the gaming world by storm!

Catizen is not just a game; is a flourishing community in the TON ecosystem on Telegram. With over 10 million players and counting, Catizen has redefined the way we interact with blockchain technology through gaming. Players take on the role of a mayor whose task is to build and manage a bustling city inhabited by strange feline inhabitants.

Catizen’s charm lies in its groundbreaking play-to-earn model, allowing players to earn real $CATI tokens simply by engaging in gameplay. Whether you’re developing infrastructure, participating in daily missions, or improving your city’s attractions, every move you make translates into potential cryptocurrency profits.

Game model to earn: Earn $CATI tokens through gameplay activities such as building cities and completing missions.

Token staking and rewards: Stake $CATI tokens for additional rewards, attractive to both players and cryptocurrency investors.

AI and Metaverse Integration: Immerse yourself in lively gameplay with AI-powered interactions and Metaverse exploration.

Seamless integration with Telegram: Enjoy seamless gaming directly through Telegram, increasing accessibility and user experience.

Play to Dump Strategy: Get rewarded with $CATI tokens with our groundbreaking game-to-airdrop mechanism, turning your in-game achievements into physical rewards.

Want to launch your own crypto gaming platform like Catizen?

Our ready-to-deploy Catizen cloning script offers customizable solutions tailored to your vision. Whether you’re a developer looking to innovate or a company looking to capitalize on the booming crypto gaming market, our script provides the perfect foundation.

With plans to expand to a mini-game platform and partnerships with major game developers, Catizen aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency gaming landscape.

Stay up to date with invigorating updates and upcoming airdrop events that can significantly boost your in-game earnings!

At Hivelance, we’re not just developers; We are pioneers of the gaming revolution where you can earn money.

Join us in creating the next generation Telegram based crypto games and bring your innovative concepts to life. Let’s go on this adventure together!

Ready to embark on your crypto gaming journey? Contact us today and let’s turn your Catizen-inspired dreams into reality!

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