British video game retailer GAME will reportedly stop selling video games


Update: In a statement sent to Eurogamer, British video game retailer GAME quickly denied reports that it plans to stop selling video games in its physical stores. It reads: “This report is categorically not true. GAME continues to support the physical gaming market by offering a wide range of physical games, hardware, software, accessories and digital gift cards in stores and online.”

Original story: Boxed copies of the video games are now available, and according to a recent report, British retailer GAME will stop selling video games, with even more Funko Pops-filled shelves on the way. Sources speaking to the esports outlet Gfinity say stores will only offer games and hardware on pre-order basis, rather than allowing customers to browse the inventory in-store.

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People speaking to Gfinity are said to be disappointed with the decision because it destroys the network’s “identity.” It would be another step back from the physical video game market over the network, which recently stopped accepting used software and will soon end its rewards program. If this move is true and comes to fruition, it will mean that customers will have a reason to come into a store just to pre-order a game they already know they want in advance and then pick it up on the day premieres.

GAME physical stores have become a rarity over the years as many single stores have closed in favor of the larger Sports Direct outlets, with both brands being managed by former Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley. This move will push consumers online – where there are many much cheaper options – or to PS Store for a digital copy.

Currently, video game purchases are already largely skewed towards digital versions, and in the UK this preference is likely to augment even further. It may soon be the case that CEX will be the only high street outlet where you can actually find video games, and even then the company will offer used goods rather than brand recent releases. There are also independent stores, but they generally focus more on retro style.

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