Bloodborne Complete Guide Anniversary Edition Pre-orders with Big Discount on Amazon


Good news for software fans: Future Press is ready to release Bloodborne Complete Guide: 25th Anniversary Edition coming September 30thYou can order it now at Amazon for $35.44 or £49.99 in the UK. This officially licensed guide is a hefty tome, clocking in at 736 full-color pages. It goes into great detail, covering the main Bloodborne game, plus The Old Hunters expansion. It also includes a wealth of behind-the-scenes information, which we’ll dive into below.

Pre-order Bloodborne Complete Guide 25th Anniversary Edition

Bloodborne Complete Guide: 25th Anniversary Edition

Bloodborne Complete Guide contains all the resources you need to get the most out of the game. It reveals all the secrets and hidden areas so you can fully explore Yarnham. It is a great resource for all the items, weapons, and characters found in the game. It also delves into the game’s lore, much of which you may have missed in previous playthroughs.

It also comes with a bunch of bonus material. There’s a novel, exclusive interview with Bloodborne creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. It includes a 20-page concept art gallery and a dedicated lore index to aid you tell the difference between Vilebloods and Scourge Beasts.

If you’re trying to figure out how long ago Bloodborne came out (it was released in 2015 as a PS4 exclusive), you’re not missing the point. The 25th anniversary in the book’s title is how long Future Press has been printing books.

Our critic’s review gave Bloodborne a 9.1 rating, and the game took second place in IGN’s 2015 Game of the Year poll.

This isn’t Future Press’s first rodeo covering From Software games in such detail. The publisher has released the attractive Official Strategy Guides for Elden Ring (Volume 1 & Volume 2), which are currently in the state $44.99 on AmazonAn extremely popular guide to the Dark Souls trilogy has also been released.

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