Best Yangyang build in Wuthering Waves – weapons, Echo and team composition


Even if she’s not able to reach the same heights as the highest levels of the game, Yangyang’s ability to deal high damage and provide Resonant Energy buff DPS makes her a good choice for those looking for sub-DPS/utility support in Windy waves.

But how exactly to build it? For all those who want to get the best out of her and aren’t particularly concerned about the game’s meta, here’s the best Yangyang build in the game Windy waves.

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The best weapon for Yangyang

The best weapon for Yangyang in Windy waves it is five star Genesis Emerald. Widely considered the best sword in the game, this weapon will provide a high amount of critical hit rate (24.3% at level 90) while also offering it a welcome 12.8% energy regen escalate (R1). Yangyang will also be able to gain an attack buff after performing her Skill while wielding it.

You can get the Genesis Emerald for free by selecting it as your 5-star Weapon Supply Chest. You can get a supply crate as a reward for reaching Union level 45. Once you reach this level, you can claim it by going to the Awakening Journey event page.

The ultimate 4-star weapon

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If you haven’t managed to get our top pick yet or you’re using it on your main DPS, the best 4-star weapon for Yangyang is Scale: Slasher.

Even if it lacks the Genesis Emerald’s critical hit rate escalate, the weapon will offer a huge amount of ER and allow it to gain an additional amount of Concert Energy every 20-second intervals. Since Yangyang needs to utilize Zephyr Song to quickly stack Melodies, Lumingloss will be my second choice considering the Heavy Attack buff. To summarize, below you will find an overview of the best weapons for Yingyang, as well as some additional recommendations:

Weapon Basic Reasons
Genesis Emerald (BIS) Critical hit chance Huge escalate in critical hit rate and good escalate in ER.
Scale: Slasher IS Huge escalate in ER and passivity of Concerto Energy.
Lumingloss ATTACK Heavy attack buff.
Commando Conviction ATH Huge attack boost.
Sword No. 18 (craftable) ATTACK Good amount of attack.

The best Sonata and Echoes for Yangyang

Since her best role is a sub-DPS role focused on providing energy, crowd control, and dealing damage in quick rotations, the best Sonata for our build of Yangyang is a full Moonlit clouds set. The set will offer a welcome 10% ER boost and will escalate her support capabilities, allowing her to offer a 22.5% attack boost with the Outro skill.

To further escalate her support capabilities, our main choice will be Echo Heron of Impermanence. When used, Echo will also allow her to offer a 12% damage bonus to the character involved in the field. I then recommend combining our main pick with two elites and two common echoes in a 4-3-3-1-1 composition.

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The best statistics and substats

The best main stat for our main Echo will be Critical Hit Rate, although I recommend changing it to DMG if you’re using a weapon with a Critical Hit Rate. To get the rest of the picks and further escalate Yangyang’s damage, utilize the Aero DMG Bonus and ATK pairs.

When looking at sub-stats, I recommend prioritizing Echoes with Critical Hit Rate, ER, Attack, and Basic Attack DMG Bonus. Keep in mind that you’ll need to raise her critical hit rate to at least 50% to deal consistent damage, so make that your first priority.

Are her Resonance Sequences a necessity?

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Unfortunately, yes, as her RS0 damage will be disappointing compared to most characters in the game. As such, I advise those looking to utilize her to try and get at least her first three sequences, as her third node “Nature Sings in a Symphony” will escalate the damage of her Resonance Skill by 40% and the pull effect by 33%. Her fourth and fifth nodes, “Close Your Eyes and Listen” and “Whisper the Wind in Harmony” are also game changers and will escalate the damage of her Feather Release and Resonance Release moves by 95% and 85% respectively.

Top teams for Yangyang

With her support abilities and ability to rally enemies through the utilize of Zephyr Domain and Wind Spirals (her Skill and Liberation, respectively), Yangyang shines most when paired with DPS who rely on her Liberation and ability to deal AoE DMG. For this purpose, the best team for her will be Jiyan as the main DPS and Verina as the healer.

While he won’t be able to escalate his damage as much as the highest levels in the game, using Calcharo as a DPS could also work given her ability to give him Resonance Energy.

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