Before Dragon Age: The Veilguard, the entire series is on sale for $10


Dragon Age: The Veilguard is becoming one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2024 – you’ll find out why in Game Informer’s Dragon Age: The Veilguard cover story – and if you’re excited about this game too, you may be wondering if you should delve into into the past of the series. If you’re thinking about a first playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, or a twelfth playthrough, Steam has you covered, as you can now purchase all three games for less than $10.

Steam launched a Dragon Age Franchise Sale yesterday, with a 90% discount on all three games in the series. Here are the prices for each and the play order if you want to start from the beginning:

  1. Dragon Age: Origins – Definitive Edition (including Awakening expansion): $2.99
  2. Dragon Age II: Definitive Edition: $2.99
  3. Dragon Age Inquisition: $3.99

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Ahead of Veilguard, which releases this fall on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, we highly recommend playing Inquisition as it ties directly into the recent game. However, there will likely also be appearances, cameos, and plot connections from Origins and its sequel, so if you want to know everything you need before jumping into Veilguard, this sale may be your best bet.

For more information about Veilguard, be sure to visit the website Game guide a coverage hub that features exclusive interviews, articles and more about the game. Here’s some of what you can read about now:

You can also click the banner below to go directly to Game guide Veilguard Hub which is a great link to bookmark so you don’t miss any of the game’s upcoming features.

Which Dragon Age games have you played? Let us know in the comments below!

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