Barmy Katamari-Style Neptunia Spin-Off Sets Western Release for PS5 and PS4 in 2025


What the hell?

The unusual – and frankly, awesome – Hyperdimension Neptunia spin-off, Neptunia Riders vs Dogoos, is set to release physically and digitally in the West next year for PS5 and PS4. The game – which is available now in Japan – takes the series in an unexpected direction, having you employ a motorbike to collect nondescript, colorful blobs across huge maps.

There’s a competitive aspect to the gameplay, where you have to compete against rival riders to amass more Dogoo than them. “Some characters shine more in melee combat, while others excel in ranged attacks,” the press release reveals. “Find your strengths (and weaknesses, of course) to become a true Dogoo bounty hunter!”

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