Axie Infinity Origins Season 9 is finally here with spectacular rewards


  • Season 9 of Axie Origins is underway with a total prize pool of over $567,000!
  • New features include Gauntlet mode with SLP rewards and summer-themed elements.
  • Balancing updates and changes in the craft shop.

The Axie Beginning Season 9 started, bringing with it a wave of emotions and news for players.

After a thrilling pre-season finale, where J0N emerged as the winner of both the Pre-Season Cup and the Collector’s Leaderboardthe community is preparing for 49 days of intense competition.

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With a total prize pool of 81,133 AXS, which is the equivalent of over $567,000this season is shaping up to be one of the most profitable and competitive in history.

Including recent season, A uncommon era it started in which 30,000 top players can share the prize pool of 12170 AXS.

Additionally, Collector’s Chests are backoffering 7,000 AXS for collector Axie owners.

To qualify, you must have kept collectible Axies in your account throughout the Rare era and reached Tiger rank.

One of the most anticipated features is Gauntlet mode returnsnow with SLP Awards.

This mode will have three weekly eventswith the first scheduled from June 17 to June 25.

Gauntlet mode entry required 50 SLP and 3 staminaoffering significant rewards for subsequent victoriesencouraging players to improve their strategies and skills.

The Axie Origins Store has also been updated for summer, with recent items and offers.

Players can earn recent stickers for 750 gems and take advantage discounts on Axie introductory packages.

In addition, the interface and game scenarios have been improved refreshed with summer motifsproviding a refreshing and lively atmosphere.

Balancing updates in Axie Infinity

In response to community feedback and internal testing, several balance adjustments were created to improve your gaming experience.

Some cards and spells remained modified to balance their powersuch as Meditate which now deals 13 damage per stack instead of 12and kidney beans, which are currently used 4 {Sleep} instead of 3.

Other changes include adjusting the healing and cleansing effects of various cards and runes.

Additionally, changes have been introduced in SLP issue during regular and off-season, with rewards adapted to the player’s rank.

During the regular season, players Wolf rank can earn 4 SLP for a winwhile those in Challenger rank can earn up to 20 SLPs.

Finally, minor changes were made to the file craft costs and prices of items in scrap shop.

These modifications are intended to: improve accessibility and balance in the game economy.

With all these electrifying updates and features, Axie Beginning Season 9 promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Players should prepare, adjust your strategies and enter the arena compete for prestigious awards and enjoy colorful summer news in Lunation.

Good luck to everyone in the arena!

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