Axie Infinity Homeland Adventurers’ Rush arrives next week


  • The “Homeland Adventurers’ Rush” event will take place from June 26 to July 5.
  • Participants will compete to climb the leaderboards, sending adventurers to clear floors.
  • A total prize pool of approximately 20,000 AXS and 4,000 plots will be eligible for the leaderboard.

Crazy people, get ready another thrilling event In world With Homeworld of Axie Infinity.

Homeland adventurer fever” is about to begin and it promises to be an epic celebration full of challenges and awards for all the intrepid adventurers in the community.

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From June 26 to July 5players will have this opportunity take part in this unique race.

The goal is basic but ambitious: send adventurers on multiple routes to clear as many floors as possible.

Every successful run scores points on scoreboardbringing players closer to their desired place at the top.

The event not only offers thrilling challenges but also significant rewards.

In fact Prize pool of approximately AXS 20,000for which participants will also compete There are 4,000 plots available in the leaderboard.

Additionally, prizes in “Treasures of fortune” have been increased for lower ranks, ensuring that everyone adventurer has a chance to harvest awards their difficult work.

To participate, players must activate “Start counting” before each launch.

With a limit 20 starts per day and daily reset at 10:00 UTCstrategic time and resource management becomes the key to success.

Every decision counts, whether you choose or not send one adventurer to maximize your attempts or create a powerful team to conquer more floors.

Celebrating the spirit of adventure together in Axie Infinity

Among competition AND strategythis event also commemorates heritage Adventurer NPCs who have been faithful companions on countless adventures.

Although this event means shift towards NFT axes, players can expect Adventurer NPCs in the future in modern forms and functions.

This “Homeland adventurer fever” is not only a test of skill and strategy, but also a celebration Homeland community.

We invite all Lunacians to join us and make this experience an unforgettable and fun-filled moment companionship and spirit of exploration.

Prepare yours adventure huntersactivate your strategy and dive into it an thrilling race for glory in Axie Infinity Homeland.

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