Avowed will be similar to The Outer Worlds in terms of “length and breadth of experience,” says the game’s director


It seems that Notorious, the upcoming RPG from Obsidian Entertainment will be similar in size to the studio’s previous RPG – Outer Worlds.

This according to Notorious game director Carrie Patel, with whom TechRadar Gaming recently had the opportunity to talk. During the conversation, we asked Patel if she could share any details about the size Avoveda world, as well as approximately how long it will take players to beat the game for the first time.

“So I would look at both the scope and structure of the game Outer Worlds that’s a pretty good point of comparison,” Patel explains. “It will be broadly similar in terms of length and scope of the experience, and similar in terms of structure as well.”

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Regarding the mentioned structure Notorious, Patel argues that the world is divided into many open zones, as was the case Outer Worlds. “Rather than a completely open world where you have one huge, continuous map, you have a series of open zones that unlock as you progress through the story, and what this really allows us to do is give each of them a distinct feel – a really different aesthetic.

“At this point we have seen Shatterscarp, which is a desert with rocky highlands, and now we have also seen the Emerald Stairs, which is almost the polar opposite; this very swampy, bleak, lush, green forested area.

“So having these open zones allows us to give each environment a really distinct sense of character, and also allows us to create a sense of dispersion and distance between them as we move from one part of the Living Lands to another.”

Notorious will be released on current-gen Xbox consoles, PC and Xbox Game Pass in behind schedule 2024.

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