Avalon introduces invigorating novel in-game items


  • Danu Games Unveils Transformative Updates for Avalonand the final month of testing for V3 is about to begin.
  • Introduction of the Templar Order and Inquisition factions, offering missions where you can earn faction coins and purchase exclusive equipment.
  • New NFTs Launched such as the Epic Druid Ring and the Legendary Silver Dragon Mirror, which enhance magical abilities and reveal hidden passages.

Danu Games has presented its latest Updates which will completely change the virtual world of Avalon. The third and final month of V3 testing is almost here, and the feedback from the gaming community has proven to be crucial in identifying and resolving issues, greatly contributing to improving the game.

One of the most anticipated innovations is the introduction two novel factions: the Templar Order and the Inquisitionn. Players can now choose whether to join a faction or not. take on missions to earn faction coinsThese coins can be exchanged for exclusive equipment that increases the offensive and defensive abilities of the character. What’s more, this particular equipment also Unlocks previously inaccessible areas of the game.

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Avalon Launches New NFTs

In addition, Avalon has introducednovel NFT collectibles. Among the most essential events are: Epic Druid Ringwhich enhances the magical abilities of the character and legendary Silver Dragon Mirrora tool that discovers hidden passages leading to treasures and novel secrets.

As a celebration, Avalon Tavern will open its doors to all testers on July 1st. This creates a gathering place where players can explore novel areas and hone their skills.

avalon pillar

As for the territory, players will soon be able to venture there two novel maps: the impressive Camelot Castleis to become the focal point of the gameand mysterious Perilous Castleknown for his deadly trials and the connection with the search for the Holy Grail.

These novel maps will provide immense spaces ready for extensive exploration. They will also present unique challenges, from heroic rescues to tests of courage. Avalon continues to work on providing an immersive gaming experience. Users can expect more surprises and improvements in the near future.

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