Ash of God: Redemption is now available on Google Play


  • Mobile port of award-winning PC game
  • Learn the story of three powerful heroes
  • Turn-based combat

AurumDust has just announced the release of Ash of Gods: Redemption for Android devices, offering you the chance to immerse yourself in a world torn apart by war and the catastrophic Great Harvest. The mobile port was quite popular on PC, winning awards such as Best Game at the Games Gathering Conference and White Nights in 2017. As you navigate a complicated narrative, you’ll make key decisions and take part in turn-based battles in a world where even the main characters can die.

The mobile adaptation of Ash of Gods: Redemption retains all the elements that made the PC version a hit. You’ll find a wealthy, deeply woven narrative, breathtaking visuals, and a gripping soundtrack. Given the smaller form factor, the user interface has been modified to provide a sleek and comfortable experience during battles and dialogues.

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While the series has been around for a while, Redemption is the first full-length game set in the Terminus universe. You’ll take on the role of three distinct protagonists. Captain Thorn Brenin, bodyguard Lo Pheng, and scribe Hopper Rouley join the others as you take on the Reapers who want to flood the world with blood.

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There are plenty of games where your decisions have long-term consequences for the future. Ash of Gods: Redemption takes this a step further, as your choices can even lead to the death of the protagonist. But that’s not all – the narrative continues to move forward, and all past choices and deaths continue to affect future events.

If this sounds like something for you, download Ash of Gods: Redemption now on Google Play. It is a premium title, requiring a purchase of $9.99 or local equivalent. Visit the official website for more information.

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