As Helldivers 2 falls to around 10% of its peak player count on Steam, those remaining are split on how Arrowhead should try to fix the situation


Helldivers 2 has been going through a serene period of behind schedule, relatively speaking. With Arrowhead largely focusing on bug fixes and releasing things at a slightly slower pace, some players are getting tired of the same venerable thing, and the unfortunate milestone of the game’s success on PC has sparked some discussion about whether things are becoming too stagnant.

While Arrowhead’s change of approach to solving problems and implementing modern content into the game was met with a lot of initial support, the results in practice were somewhat mixed, especially with some gear and upgrades – the spear being one example – seeing a steady stream of issues affecting them even after receiving patches earlier. Arrowhead continues to work challenging to fix issues as they arise, but you can understand the frustration to some extent.

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As this is happening, the number of players playing the game in a 24-hour period on Steam has peaked, according to data from SteamDB Database (Thanks, Forbes), is 45,315, which is only about 10% of the initial peak of 458,709 seen in February. Now, to put this in context, this drop didn’t happen overnight, and it’s certainly not all that abnormal – the number of players on the platform has been gradually withering since then, most recently hitting 200,000 in behind schedule April.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Arrowhead did anything wrong, even if all the discussion that Sony has stirred up about linking accounts probably hasn’t helped matters. It’s likely that a lot of this is simply due to the nature of human gaming habits – sure, some people will stick with one game for a long time no matter what happens, but most people, at least to some extent, jump from one title to another on a fairly regular basis, whether they’re modern releases, older games they want to play again, or existing games that just got fresh updates.

Despite this, Arrowhead is still busy focusing on fixes – right now Fixed issue with Superior Packing Methodology shipping module – The relative silence on major changes since the last round of balance fixes and the Viper Commandos expansion has some players wondering if the studio should shake things up a bit to keep players more engaged.

In a post about it on the game’s subreddit, you’ll find a roughly even split between people who think sticking with patches to support establish a more stable base for future additions is still key, and others who think an infusion of content needs to come soon. Naturally, there’s no consensus on what that modern content should be, with massive things like factions out of the question, and everything from modern enemy types and missions to planets with fresh biomes making their way onto the lists.

What are you most looking forward to seeing from Arrowhead regarding Helldivers 2 right now? Is there anything you’re looking forward to before diving back in if you’ve been putting it off for the past few months? Let us know below!

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