Apex Legends Season 22 Brings Major Battle Pass Changes and Fans Aren’t Happy


EA and Respawn Entertainment are rolling out a fresh structure for Apex Legends’ battle pass, but players are not content with the changes promised so far.

This fresh approach to progression in the Titanfall spin-off has been announced update post on the game page. The post outlines a litany of fundamental changes to how rewards are earned, with the team stating that its goal is to “improve your experience and growth goals.”

The biggest changes players will find are in the length of the Battle Pass and how future passes will be purchased. Previously, Battle Passes required players to complete 110 levels to earn all rewards, including one reactive weapon and a reactive weapon variant. However, Season 22 will feature two passes – one for the first half and one for the second – with 60 levels to complete in each. Both halves will include one reactive weapon each.

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“The impact of this change is twofold,” the post reads. “It allows us to better align seasonal progression with Ranked, while also increasing the value of your time.”

EA and Respawn say the fresh structure will provide twice the seasonal rewards for Apex Legends players who enjoy the free version of the Battle Pass. However, each half-season Premium Pass will now cost $10, and the option to purchase passes with Apex Coins will be removed. Players could previously earn 200 coins for the free version of the Battle Pass and 1,300 coins for the Premium version of the Battle Pass, which costs 950 coins.

Each pass will offer the same amount of coins to both free-to-play and Premium players, meaning twice the amount of Apex Coins you can earn each season. However, those who have been saving up coins will no longer be able to exploit them in future passes.

Other changes to the Apex Legends Premium formula include increasing the number of Apex and Legend-Themed Packs, while also doubling the amount of crafting materials in the Premium Pass. The Premium Pack, previously available for 2,800 Apex Coins, is now called Premium+ and costs $19.99. It only includes 10 tier skips, offers more Exotic Shards, two variants of Premium+ Legendary character skins, and the ability to play all Legends for the duration of the Battle Pass.

All changes will take effect from Season 22, which is scheduled to start next month.

“The decision to move from AC to real-world currency was not made lightly, but it allows us to lower the price of Premium+ for our community,” Respawn wrote in a post. “The new Premium+ Battle Pass is priced at $19.99* and offers additional value; a ~29% price difference compared to the retired Premium Battle Pass at 2800 AC.”

Apex Legends Fans React to New Battle Pass

So far, Apex Legends players aren’t too content with the changes.

“You’re basically paying $10 twice a season instead of being able to buy the Battle Passes every season with a one-time purchase,” said one A Reddit user said“In what world is this better for gamers?”

“The advantage of collecting enough coins to buy the next BP through gameplay was that I basically had to play your product for dozens of hours straight, so the engagement was high,” said another user added“If you make me pay every time and THEN work my ass off, that’s it, bro.”

Apex Legends launched in 2019 and has continued to evolve in the half-decade since its launch, offering more playable Legends, weapons, abilities, maps, and game modes. While the ability to purchase Battle Passes with coins is being phased out, players can still exploit them on Legends, Apex Packs, and more in the in-game store.

EA adds that players will be able to unlock the first half of Season 22’s Premium Battle Pass offerings by completing a “set of challenges” within the first two weeks of launch. It’s currently unclear what these challenges are or whether this method will be available in future seasons. To learn more, check out our list 15 Best Free Games to Play on PlayStation 5.

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