Apeiron represents the Doodaria Pass


  • Introduction to Doodaria Pass: Apeiron presents Doodaria Passa free reward system for the Discord community, offering leaderboard-linked tasks and rewards to promote inclusion and engagement.
  • Earnings update: The $ANIMA and $APRS earnings updates address the exploit of the guild transfer system, with changes to ensure fair play and a novel PvP reward system based on round wins.
  • Buy and run. Expectancy: The Stardust Store will feature enhanced rewards such as Golden Apostle Tickets and planet NFTs, and the community will be eagerly awaiting the release of the Doodaria Pass next week.

Apeiron has exposed Doodaria Pass, a novel initiative to improve gambling experience for the dedicated Discord community, Doodaria. With summer upon us, the Doodaria Pass promises to bring a novel wave of excitement, offering rewards for completing various tasks tied to a ranking system.

Doodaria Pass it’s not just a reward system; this is a testament to Apeiron’s commitment to the community. It’s designed to meet the needs of all players, from novices to the most dedicated grinders, and best of all, it’s completely free. This creative pass is in line with the company’s ethos of inclusivity and social engagement.

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Applies to $ANIMA and $APRS earnings

Amidst the enthusiasm, Apeiron also addressed critical earnings updates of $ANIMA and $APRS. The company has taken a powerful stance against players using the guild transfer system to farm $ANIMA, announcing an overhaul of the system to stop such behavior. Apeiron’s vigilance in maintaining fair play was clear as it reminded players of potential penalties for exploiting technical loopholes.

Changes to the PvP reward system

Apeiron represents the Doodaria Pass

The update also brought a significant change to the PvP reward system. Instead of an “all or nothing” approach, $ANIMA will now be awarded based on round wins, encouraging players to fight each round.

Doodaria Pass stands out for its accessibility. Any member above chat level 5 on the Discord server qualifies, opening the door to a ton of tasks and rewards. These tasks are divided into gameplay, social media and community segments, each offering unique challenges and incentives.

Stardust Store Improvements

Apeiron also announced an update to the Stardust Store, which will now feature more tempting prizes, including Golden Apostle tickets and NFT planets. These NFTs are not just collectibles; improve gameplay by unlocking novel skills and offering additional daily rewards.

Waiting for takeoff

The introduction of the Doodaria Pass is a strategic move by Apeiron to strengthen community engagement and the reward system. This is a clear signal that Apeiron values ​​its players and strives to provide a opulent, rewarding gaming experience. Doodaria Pass is set to launch next week and the anticipation is palpable. We encourage players to stay tuned for this invigorating addition to the Apeiron universe.

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