Another Eden Tier List: All Heroes Ranked [June 2024]


S Tier Heroes

Below are some of the best characters from Another Eden. Use them however you want, and don’t be afraid to invest in them to make them powerful – they can carry you through virtually any content in the game.


Aisha 5* Fire, Water
Minalda (different style) 5* Fire
Jillfunny 5* Water
Velette 5* Thunder
Feinne (different style) 5* Shade
Yakuma 5* Shade
Kuchinawa 4-5* Earth
Mazrika 4-5* Water
Where it is 4* Fire, shadow
Tsukiha (variable) 5* Fire
Necoco (AS) 5* Earth
Azami (AS) 5* Wind
Alma 5* Crystal
Hismene (Alter) 5* Crystal
Shion (changes) 5* Fire
Otoha (AS) 5* Earth
Power 5* Water
Flammelapis (AS) 5* Water
Flaming lapis 5* Water
Premaya (changes) 5* Water, thunder
Mistrare (AS) 5* Wind, crystal
Cynthia (AS) 5* Wind
Dewey (changes) 5* Fire, crystal
Isuka (changes) 5* Earth, shadow
Suzette (additional style) 5* Fire
Toova (variable) 5* Earth
Suzette (changes) 5* Wind
Isuka (additional style) 5* Fire, shadow
Daisy 5* Earth
Kikyo (AS) 5* Wind
Melina (extra style) 5* Water, thunder
Naked (additional style) 5* Water, crystal
Garambarrel 5* Wind
Garambarrel (AS) 5* Wind
Ewell 5* Water, crystal
Dunarith (AS) 5* Wind
It stings 5* Fire
Chiyo (AS) 5* Earth
Nikeh (AS) 5* Water
Cerryn (AS) 5* Earth
Shigure (AS) 5* Water
Naked (AS) 5* Earth
Powerful (AS) 5* Water
Sky (AS) 5* Earth
Philo 5* Water
Ewan (USA) 5* Fire
Azami (AS) 5* Wind
Renri (AS) 5* Fire
Akane (AS) 5* Fire
Foran (AS) 5* Water
Yukino (USA) 5* Water
Yukino 5* Water
Lokido (AS) 5* Earth
Laclair (AS) 5* Water
Tsukiha (AS) 5* Fire
Hismena (USA) 5* Water
Tsukiha (additional style) 5* Wind
Thillelille (AS) 5* Fire, shadow
Yuna (USA) 5* Water
Miyu (AS) 5* Fire
Miyu (additional style) 5* Earth, thunder
Tiramisu (AS) 5* Earth
Skull 5* Thunder
Shanie (AS) 5* Water
Tsubame (AS) 5* Earth
Hozuki (AS) 5* Fire
Anabel (AS) 5* Water
Rosetta (AS) 5* Fire
Shannon (AS) 5* Wind
Shannon (variable) 5* Earth
Clarte (AS) 5* Earth, crystal
Aldo 5* Fire
Myunfa (AS) 5* Earth
Radica (AS) 5* Fire
Myrus (AS) 5* Earth
Nekoko (AS) 5* Earth
Radiates (AS) 5* Fire
Kikyo (AS) 5* Wind
Wiktor (AS) 5* Wind, thunder
Tiramisu 5* Earth
Sazanca 5* Fire
Thillellille 5* Fire, shadow
Purple 5* Earth
Cynthia 5* Wind
Myunfa 5* Earth
Cyrus 5* Water
Biaka 5* Wind
Mana 5* Zero
Deirdre 5* Earth
Durable 5* Fire
Hardy (AS) 5* Fire
Mariel (additional style) 5* Crystal
Mariel 5* Wind
Elga 5* Earth
Gariya 5* Fire
Myrus 5* Earth
Milsza 5* Earth, shadow
Milsza (AS) 5* Earth, shadow
To give back 5* Wind
Yipha (AS) 5* Wind
Philo (AS) 5* Water
Orley 5* Fire, thunder
Evan 5* Fire
Yuna 5* Water
Ilulu 5* Wind
Melody 5* Wind
Lemon balm 5* Wind, crystal
Claudius 5* Wind
Shannon 5* Wind
Den 5* Water
Dewey 5* Water
Dewey (AS) 5* Water
Felmin 5* Wind
Bertrand 5* Earth

Level heroes

The character of Mariel in Another Eden
Heroes below A-level are the second best characters you can have in the game. In some situations they will be as powerful as S-level ones, but they will not always have as much impact. Investing in them and upgrading them is never a bad idea, as they can prove to be quite useful until you collect better heroes.

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Level A

Paris (AS) 5* Fire
Wenefika 5* Water/shade
Heena (AS) 5* Wind
Alfen 5* Fire
Felmina (extra style) 5* Water
Soira (AS) 5* Wind
Eve 4* Water, crystal
Fun fact 4* Wind, shadow
Serge 4* Zero
Starky 5* Crystal
Kid 4* Fire
Harley 4* Fire, shadow
Levia (AS) 5* Water
Zeviro (AS) 5* Water
Hismen 5* Water
Sheila (AS) 5* Water
Wayne (AS) 5* Wind
Suzette (AS) 5* Wind
Claude (AS) 5* Wind
Claude (additional style) 5* Earth
Melina (AS) 5* Water
Felmina (AS) 5* Wind
Shion (AS) 5* Fire
Ilulu 5* Wind
Pizza (AS) 5* Fire
Mariel (AS) 5* Wind
Amy (AS) 5* Wind
Cetie (AS) 5* Fire
Zeviro 5* Water
Premaya 5* Earth
Dunarith 5* Wind
Renri 5* Fire
Tsukiha 5* Fire
Shanie 5* Water
It’s taking off 5* Wind
Guild 5* Fire
Sophia 5* Water
Lokida 5* Earth
Powerful 5* Water
Bivette 5* Fire
Burn 5* Fire
Shion 5* Fire
Naked 5* Earth
Anabel 5* Water
Shigure 5* Water
Tiramisu (AS) 5* Earth
Laclair 5* Water
Morgana 5* Wind
Tsubame 5* Earth
I love the bird 5* Fire
Lovebird (AS) 5* Fire
Gariya 5* Fire
Rosetta 5* Fire

B-Class Heroes

The heroine of Elga in Another Eden

B-tier heroes are generally good and can get the job done. You’ll find mostly 5-star heroes here that are good, but not as great as you might expect. Nevertheless, they will be quite decent picks, although they are not as OP as the above-mentioned ones.

Level B

Colette 4* Thread
Lloyd 5* Fire
Shion 5* Fire
Isuka (USA) 5* Wind
Saki (USA) 5* Water
Toova (AS) 5* Earth
Elga (AS) 5* Earth
Ruin (AS) 5* Wind
Radica 5* Fire
Altena 5* Zero
Philo 5* Water
Cyrus 5* Water
Hozuki 5* Fire
Very 5* Wind
Ciela 5* Earth
Toova 5* Earth
Joker 5* Fire
Light 5* Water
Strawboy 5* Zero

C-Level Heroes

I wouldn’t recommend the following characters for your main team lineup, but if you don’t have anything better, they’ll be pretty decent replacements. Don’t invest too much in them or you will get much better ones. Here you will also find some of the best 4* units that you can upgrade (a little).

Level C

Miu 5* Fire
Riica 5* Earth
Bria 5* Water
Helena 5* Earth
Fein 4* Zero
Niepaew 4* Wind
Crerwo 4* Zero
Chiyo 4* Earth
It has 4* Zero
Soira 4* Wind
Prai 4* Zero
Saki 4* Water
Help 4* Zero
Galliard 4* Earth

D-level heroes

Now that we’ve reached the final level, you know what’s coming. These are the worst possible heroes in the game and should definitely be replaced whenever possible. Some of them may seem quite good, like Nikeh, but they are not. Just don’t focus on these heroes, they’re not worth it.

Level D

Minalka 4* Fire
Test 5* Water
Pretty 4* Water
Paris 4* Fire
Cerrin 4* Earth
Lele 4* Water
Sheila 4* Water
On 4* Water
Akane 4* Fire
Lingla 4* Fire
Zilva 4* Earth
Samora 4* Fire
Rufus 4* Fire
Jade 4* Fire
Amy 4* Wind
Komachi 4* Earth
Cyuca 4* Wind
Good Macky 4* Wind
Thank you 4* Earth
Myron 4* Earth
Benedict 4* Wind
Yazuki 4* Wind
Lowina 4* Wind
Maximum 4* Wind
Raven 4* Earth
It will be 4* Earth
Sevyn 4* Wind
Miranda 4* Fire
Nero 4* Water
Rovell 4* Water
NO 4* Water
Denny 4* Water
Not venerable 4* Zero
Breena 4* Earth
Ruin 4* Wind
Darunis 4* Wind

BONUS – Another Eden Tier List: Fan Favorites

Another character from Eden, Mariel

Keep in mind that in any “Another Eden” tier list, units with AS or Other Style are usually instant fan favorites. AS units have different character designs and improved skill sets, so pulling them from banners is a good idea in itself.

  • Mariel – A non-elemental support mage who can heal party members and cast regeneration; has the Aurora Force ability, which can grant type immunity to all party members
  • Ciel – an earth elemental support unit with a very huge Force weakening; can cast type resistance on all party members for up to 5 turns.
  • Levia – five-star water elemental mage; the ultimate goal of the arduous task of selecting the finalists
  • Hozuki (AS) – is obsessed with his tail; is the ultimate waifu

Any character with an elemental attack can properly complete a good Another Eden tier list. Enemies, whether random mobs you encounter on the world map or gigantic bosses you have to prepare for, will almost always have elemental weaknesses and resistances, so swapping your front and back line characters for different elements should be based on the enemy, that you are currently facing.

Since healers are demanding to find, it’s a good idea to exploit the back row as a way to restore HP and MP to your team if you don’t have a support mage with you. This is especially effective if you have someone who can cast Sleep on enemies so you can safely recover wounded units in the back row.

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