All Solutions for Fragrant Fantasy Online Event in Genshin Impact


Genshin Influence has a up-to-date online event where players have to create their own perfume. There are several ingredients to operate, and only a few combinations give correct results. To receive the regular free Primogem rewards, you need to log in to Fragrant Fantasy every day and operate these guesses wisely.

Here are all the correct scent combinations Genshin Influence Fragrant Fantasy online event where you can earn Primogems with minimal effort.

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How does the Fragrant Fantasy online event work?

Start by logging into the online event on its page official websiteYou can log in with your HoYoverse account (recommended) or operate your Genshin Influence UID. Rewards are delivered directly to your Genshin Influence account via in-game mail, so it is significant to log in to the correct account.

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Combine three ingredient cards to create a perfume. You can’t operate the same ingredient twice, and the order doesn’t matter. You must create a total of 12 perfumes to receive all the event rewards. They don’t have to be 12 unique perfumes; you can create the same scent multiple times to receive points for each successful result.

All Answers to Fragrant Fantasy

There are eight unique scent combinations that give different perfumes for the online event. The combinations that work are:

  1. Lumidouce Bell + Marcotte + Bulle Fruit = Orange Fields
  2. Lumidouce Bell + Marcotte + Wood = “Crying Crystal”
  3. Lumidouce Bell + Bulle Fruit + Lakelight Lily = Glow
  4. Lumidouce Bell + Lakelight Lily + Wood = Knight’s Farewell Gift
  5. Marcotte + Mint + Bulle Fruit = Purity
  6. Marcotte + Mint + Wood = Journey
  7. Mint + Bulle Fruit + Lakelight Lily = Summer Fairy Tale
  8. Mint + Lakelight Lily + Wood = Eternal Promise

In addition to these eight formulas, you can duplicate ingredients to create a premium version of the same fragrance. Drag two of the same ingredients to the same card slot to upgrade the ingredient to a premium version. Three premium ingredients are required to create a premium fragrance.

Is the Fragrant Fantasy Genshin Impact event time-limited?

To get more ingredients, complete a series of objectives within Genshin Influence. Clicking “Draw Cards” in the lower left corner will bring up a list of tasks. Since these tasks refresh daily, you’ll need to log into Fragrant Fantasy multiple times over the course of several days to earn all the rewards. You should be able to unlock all the rewards within two days, as long as you complete all the in-game goals to earn more ingredient cards.

When does Fragrant Fantasy end?

Fragrant Fantasy lasts until July 15, a few days before Genshin Influence Version 4.8 is ready for release. The first character banners will feature Navia and Nilou. Emilie is not scheduled to debut until the second half of version 4.8, so you still have time to collect more Primogems before she arrives.

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