‘All planets are now Malevelon Creek’ – Helldivers 2 players believe the latest patch may have accidentally caused a significant escalate in difficulty


Yesterday, June 13, a massive update for Helldivers 2 was released, bringing with it more fixes and changes than you could actually read in less than half an hour. While this hasn’t gone down well with players overall, Arrowhead’s changes to enemy spawns and patrols seem to be an exception, with people complaining about the spike in difficulty.

If you were busy washing your hair yesterday, not only has the massive patch that Arrowhead has been working on for some time arrived, but the Viper Commandos Battle Bond has also been deployed just in time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like being able to wear a beret will support players who are complaining about an escalate in deaths and rage quits after the update.

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The Arrowhead patch reduced the number of heavily armored enemies spawning during higher difficulty missions by filling in the gaps with more smaller enemies, as well as restoring patrol spawns to pre-patch 01.000.300.

In theory, this should make things a bit easier – summon fewer enormous villains at a time to potentially overwhelm even the most hardened Super-Earth veterans. However, some players are reporting that things have gotten much worse since the patch was released, leading them to say that Arrowhead’s fixes may not have the intended effect.

“Reintroducing spawns and patrols should make this easier. AFAIK” – Twinbeard Community Manager responded to this claim. “I need to monitor this before I can explain it, but in my head it seems a little weird, tbh.”

Many other players have done so since this trade taken to Reddit to tell their own stories being disabled by a barrage of enemies when fighting Terminds and Automatons on difficulties higher than about five, although some accounts also seem to suggest that lower difficulty operations were also affected.

So for now, it looks like you’ll have to put in the effort and be extra prepared every time you get into action, although chances are good that Arrowhead will quickly remedy the problem if it detects something amiss as soon as it had the opportunity to investigate.

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