All missing mini-trucks at Brant Street construction site in Zenless Zone Zero


After meeting Officer Mewmew on Sixth Street in Ground Zero without Zenwill give you a series of tasks in different locations around New Eridu City. Some of them include finding the missing mini cargo trucks in Sixth Street, Brant Street Construction, Lumina Square, and Ballet Twins Road. This guide will make finding all the trucks in Brant Street Construction a piece of cake.

All Brant Street Mini Cargo Trucks in Zenless Zone Zero

You can only reach Brant Street after progressing through the story and reaching Chapter 2. After a quick chat with your modern friends from the Belobog crew, you get a chance to run around the construction site before jumping into modern tasks. Let’s do some spying and find the missing mini trucks.

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You’ll see the first mini-truck right after the dialogue sequence ends. From where you’re standing, it’s on the left side of the construction site, next to a immense truck and some barrels.

From the truck, start running clockwise around the perimeter of the Brant Street construction site. Go under the sidewalk and immediately to the left will be a truck with a load.

Continue clockwise, past the gate, and you’ll come to a ramp leading up. The third mini-truck is at the top, between two orange cargo containers.

The last missing miniature transport truck is hidden behind the immense orange machine that appeared in the cutscene.

Finding mini cargo trucks at Brant Street Construction will be a lot easier than hunting down the ones on Sixth Street. Looting them all will earn you Medal for pointed senses from Officer Mewmew and you will receive the following items:

  • Polychrome x10
  • Official Investigative Journal x2
  • 5000x Denny’s

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