All Fasnacht Masks in Fallout 76 and How to Get Them (June 2024)


Of all the events in Fallout 76, Fasnacht is definitely the best. For a restricted time, we can all get special masks from the event, which regularly takes place in an easy-to-find location. It unites the community in search of the best loot: Fasnacht masks.

The in-game event for Fasnacht is a parade that essentially breaks up and sees players defending a petite location from multiple enemies. It’s pure mayhem and tons of fun, attracting players of all levels for fun. But the rewards are what we’re all there for. Fasnacht masks were the hottest swag in Fallout 76 since the game was released, and collecting them all is something we all aspire to.

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All carnival masks included in the price Fallout 76 (June 2024)

Photo via Bethesda

Below I have listed all the Fasnachet masks you can get your hands on Fallout76 since the event returns in June 2024. I will be updating this list with every mask in the game as novel ones are added, so you will know whether you already have a complete collection or not.

Rare Carnival Masks

These are the rarest Fasnacht masks in the game, with a drop rate of 0.238%. The bright variant is the most desired because, well, it glows and looks amazing.

  • Fasnacht glowing alien mask
  • Glowing Blue Fasnacht Devil Mask
  • Honeybee Carnival Glow Mask
  • Carnival glowing minotaur mask
  • Carnival glowing pig mask
  • Carnival glowing robot mask
  • Fasnacht Turkey Glowing Mask
  • Carnival glowing unicorn mask
  • Fasnacht glowing burner mask
  • Fasnacht Glowing Mask of the Queen of Burnt Beasts
  • Carnival Deathclaw mask
  • Carnival raven mask
  • Carnival winter men’s mask
  • Carnival jester mask
  • Carnival Devil Mask
  • Winterfather’s helmet
  • Carnival Demon Mask
  • Carnival: Witch Mask
  • Carnival: Mad Man Mask
  • Carnival: Loon Mask
  • Carnival: Brahmin mask

Typical carnival masks

These popular Fasnacht masks have a 4.75% drop chance, so these are likely the ones you’ll see the most.

  • Pig carnival mask
  • Carnival goblin mask
  • Carnival minotaur mask
  • Carnival turkey mask
  • Carnival giant mask
  • Carnival Unicorn Mask
  • Fasnach soldier mask
  • Carnival mask of the burner
  • Owl Carnival Mask
  • Carnival skull mask
  • Carnival jester mask
  • Carnival beret
  • Carnival alien mask
  • Scorchbeast Fasnacht Queen Mask
  • Carnival witch mask
  • Honeybee Carnival Mask
  • Carnival Robot Mask
  • Carnival sun mask
  • Toothy Man carnival mask
  • Blue Devil Carnival Mask

Fasnacht Set Rewards

The following CAMP structure blueprints can be obtained in the Fasnacht Parade event. Each one has a drop rate of 2.70%, so you’re more likely to get a regular mask.

  • Wax candle
  • Carnival Balloons 01
  • Carnival Balloons 02
  • Motor butter churner
  • Carnival Ribbons Pole 01
  • Carnival Ribbons Pole 02
  • Mega Sloth on top
  • Carnival Party Streamers 01
  • Streamers for carnival party 02
  • Winter image of an senior man
  • Carnival garland Helvetia 01
  • Helvetia Carnival Garland 02
  • The Shepherd’s Bell
  • Carnival ribbons 01
  • Fasnacht 02 attached ribbons
  • Carnival flagpole 01
  • Carnival Flagpole 02
  • Megasloth Leather Rug
  • Carnival confetti pile 01
  • Carnival confetti pile 02
  • Shepherd’s bells display stand
  • Carnival Lantern 01
  • Carnival Lantern 02
  • Queen of the Burn beer mug
  • Carnival Branch Garland 01
  • Carnival Branch Garland 02
  • Helvetian Flower Exhibition
  • Carnival hanging snowflakes 01
  • Hanging Snowflakes Fasnacht 02
  • Fasnacht Veggie Man beer mug
  • Carnival Flag 01
  • Carnival Flag 02
  • Shepherd’s Bell – Lincoln
  • Carnival ribbons for hanging 01
  • Carnival ribbons for hanging 02
  • Shepherd’s Bell – Carnival
  • Recipe for Fasnacht donuts
  • Fasnacht sausage recipe

How to complete the Fasnacht Parade event in Fallout76 and collect your Fasnacht masks

Helvetia Fallout 76 – Localization
Screenshot by Destructoid

The Fasnacht Parade takes place every hour at Helvetia’s location Fallout 76. The latest version of the event is from From June 25, 2024 to July 9, 2024. Once the event begins, you must speak to the Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Handy, on the bridge in this location.

Once the event begins, you must complete a set of tasks that involve searching for items in the environment or killing enemies to catch their guts. It’s not that complex at all. What will push you to your limits are the bosses or mutant enemies that appear to try and defeat you. Often they will be part of the targets, so you’ll have to fire off a few shots and hope everyone else helps you kill them.

After completing each task you will receive rewards. The event can be repeated every hour and you can farm it for Fasnacht masks as long as it is busy.

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