After 1,070 deaths and 99 hours, Kai Cenat defeats Elden Ring expansion live on stream


Streamer Kai Cenat defeated Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtree after an intense 99-hour DLC marathon that saw him head-butt the final boss through approximately 500 deaths and one live therapy session. Cenat immediately celebrated his victory by falling to the floor and screaming in victory before being praised by his friends.

From Shadow of Erdtreein the first release, Kai Cenat focused on breaking it. FromSoftware sent him a life-size statue of Malenia to commemorate his 24-plus-hour battle against the base game’s superboss before the DLC’s release, and while none of the bosses in this expansion seemed to give him that much trouble, he still had problems. He managed to reach the final boss, which had two challenging phases to complete, with approximately 50 hours and 500 deaths, but finished the marathon after 99 hours and a total of 1,070 deaths. (Spoilers for the identity of the final boss Shadow of Erdtree follow.)

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Now everyone can finally rest

Cenat announced his victory on Twitter with just a few words: “RADAHN IS DEAD NOW.” This post was followed by a clip of the final moments of this battle from Kai Mafia Updates, and the roar the streamer makes when he sees the boss fall is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on Twitch. I would feel more at home on a TV show Vikings.

While Cenat was stuck lunging at Radahn, desperately trying to defeat the boss, someone signed up the assist of model and counselor Aubri Williams in a live therapy session that will assist him get into the right space in his head. You can watch his last moments Twitch marathonbut it’s probably worth the full 99 hours if you want to see everything the DLC has to offer and, like me, aren’t prepared enough to play it.

I’ve played most of FromSoftware’s games and I can’t agree with the logic that having a pro would get you in the right mood and excitement before a boss battle, it certainly would assist. It’s certainly not the strangest tactic. This belongs to Get ready for the test (now RKG) a team placing paper on the screen to defeat Prince Lorian and Prince Lothric Dark Souls 3.

Kai Cenat was an outstanding creator in Ring of Fire space at the beginning and across Shadow of Erdtree-start. Before the marathon began, he took the time to praise other creators he follows that he thinks are worth seeing, in a solid showing that you don’t see very often on Twitch.

I think for Cenat everything has been building up to this moment for a long time, but he’s not done yet. The streamer plans to play similar games, such as: Sekiro: Shadows die twice AND Bloodylike marathons. Even though these games are also FromSoftware titles, every fan knows how different the gameplay is between them Ring of Fireso all I can say is good luck.

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