Advertising and involvement in the gaming industry by Portuma


Portuma stands out as an end-to-end solution that enables seamless integration of in-game advertising on any platform, freeing developers from the constraints of specific publishers or studios. This flexibility enables developers to leverage Portuma’s global gaming platform, facilitating direct connections between developers and advertisers. This streamlined approach ensures that advertisers can effectively reach Portuma’s extensive network of players, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

The centerpiece of the Portuma ecosystem is the Portuma token ($PORTUMA), which is the cornerstone of the play-to-earn model. Players earn $PORTUMA tokens as they play games, creating a real incentive structure that increases user retention and engagement. Outside of gaming, the Portuma token plays a key role in a self-sustaining economy where advertising revenues are used to redeem tokens, redistribute to players and burn to maintain the value of the tokens and prevent inflation.

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Portuma Token aspires to transcend its role as a gaming tool, becoming a key fintech product facilitating Portuma web3 gaming transactions and expanding its solutions to the broader gaming industry. Complementing its business goals, Portuma is committed to social responsibility through its foundation, which supports charitable initiatives by leveraging transaction fees from user activities, thereby promoting community support and positive impact on society.

Portuma stands out for its range of features designed to optimize both gaming and advertising. By integrating blockchain technology into games, Portuma enables publishers to unlock modern efficiencies and revenue streams. The ecosystem introduces groundbreaking marketing tools that enable publishers and brands to effectively engage with players, creating a win-win environment. Players benefit from earning rewards not only through gameplay, but also by interacting with ads, providing a steady source of income.

Partners report significant improvements in user retention, playback time and download speeds after integrating Portuma solutions, highlighting its effectiveness in driving user engagement and monetization. Portuma delivers advertising in a way that takes into account the gaming environment, prioritizing user experience while ensuring a glossy gameplay experience on all platforms. The platform’s SDK undergoes demanding testing, auditing, and integration with AAA games, ensuring reliability and security for all stakeholders. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Portuma solutions are available across a variety of game engines and platforms, making it elementary for developers to implement.

Overall, Portuma ($PORTUMA) represents a paradigm shift at the intersection of gaming and blockchain, setting modern standards in advertising and user engagement. By fostering a sustainable ecosystem that benefits players, developers and advertisers alike, Portuma not only innovates revenue models but also pioneers responsible and community-driven innovation in the gaming industry. With its commitment to technological excellence, social impact and user-centric design, Portuma is poised to redefine the future of gaming and advertising by offering more interactive and rewarding gaming experiences around the world.

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