Aavegotchi Introduces New Tournaments in Rarity Farming Season 8 with a Prize Pool of GHST 150,000


  • Rare Aavegotchi Farming Season 8 announced A Prize pool worth GHST 150,000focusing on strategy and tournament skills.
  • Participants can hire Gotchis compete or they borrow their Gotchi for passive income, supporting community involvement.
  • New features include double elimination tournaments and utilize substitutesadding strategic depth to competition.

The Aavegotchi The community is buzzing with excitement as the announcement of Rarity Farming Season 8 arrives. promising an unprecedented prize pool of GHST 150,000. This season isn’t just about awards; is a celebration of the strategy, skill and ghostly charm of Aavegotchis.

Entering the tournament is effortless. Participants can navigate to Gotchi Battler websiteselect your desired tournament and assemble a team of five powerful Gotchiwith the possibility of including two substitutes. Once the squad and formation are set up, players can rescue their team and prepare for battle.

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Gotchi Renting: the solution for aspiring warriors

For those who lack the Gotchis necessary to compete, the Gotchi Battler website offers a rental service. This feature allows players to borrow Gotchis for tournament purposes, ensuring everyone has a chance to participate.

Lend your Gotchi and earn GHST

Aavegotchi Introduces New Tournaments in Rarity Farming Season 8 with a Prize Pool of GHST 150,000

Aavegotchi owners have the opportunity to rent their unused Aavegotchi using the official Aavegotchi dapp. This not only helps other players by giving them the tools they need to succeed, but also allows lenders to earn passive income. It’s a win-win arrangement that encourages community involvement and warm competition.

Exciting fresh features for Season 8

Season 8 introduces double-elimination tournaments, giving contestants a second chance to win even after losing. This format provides more intense competition and strategic depth.

Substitutes: Game changers

The addition of two substitutes per team adds a layer of tactical flexibility. Players can change their lineup between rounds, adapting to their opponents’ strategies.

The preparation phase between rounds offers a crucial window for strategic adjustments. Teams can swap out Gotchis, swap leaders, and change formations to optimize their chances of success.

For those fresh to Gotchi Battler

New players are encouraged to visit the Gotchi Battler website and read the game guide. The Aavegotchi Discord community is also ready to aid with any questions you may have.

As Season 8 of Rarity Farming approaches, anticipation grows for an thrilling series of tournaments. With strategic upgrades and a significant prize pool, epic battle and glory are at stake in the world of Aavegotchi.

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