A PC designed to be cooled by air placed in the center of a huge fan – centrifugal force says no.


On the Chinese video-sharing platform Bilibili, user 苏打baka uploaded a long video showing the construction, iteration and operation a real computer for fans, which means the entire computer was built into the center of a giant box fan painted to look like a case fan. This video demonstration should not be confused with a viable Mini PC design and does not constitute any advice on cooling your PC.

The name 苏打baka is a combination of the Chinese characters for “soda” and the romanized Japanese “baka”, which means “fool”, so their name can effectively be translated as “Sodabaka”, “Sodafool”, or “Soda-fool”, depending , how semantic you feel. We will exploit Sodabaki. In addition to this project, they also deal with many other products related to computer hardware and games their Bilibili channel.

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Now let’s talk a little more about the details of a given PC version. Sodabaka essentially took an elderly Mini ITX motherboard from the Intel Sandybridge era and tested its performance when connected to a spinning fan.

The first attempt used a smaller CPU heatsink that didn’t adequately cold the system even when spinning, and tests showed the CPU reached 100 degrees Celsius. However, it did act as general proof that you could make a PC spin wildly inside a fan and still run without a problem.

So, going into the final tests of the fan-based PC version, Sodabaka instead used an even larger passive air cooler – which might have been a good idea if the final tests of the PC version didn’t also involve constantly increasing the speed of the fan that runs the entire PC. Although a more competent, cooler version of the computer with a fan seemed to work in terms of its basic functionality, its final tests were a disaster.

So what happened? Did the immobile buildup cause the computer to low out or something? Fortunately, nothing that mundane. Instead, the fan computer was tested at increasingly higher speeds, until the hefty cooler was violently thrown out of the computer in the final moments of the original film. Not surprisingly, Sodabaka hid behind a riot shield for much of the video demonstration.

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