Where to find Elden’s Ring: Shadow of the Curse of Erdtree’s Blade Ash of Meera’s Spirit


Spirit Ash for Curseblade Meera summons the titular spirit to aid you in battle, but can only be found in Ring of Fire‘S Shadow of Erdtree expansion. If you want to add this Spirit Ash to your collection, you must brave the threatening dungeon and defeat the tough boss.

Here’s what you need to know about Meera’s Curse Spirit Ash and where to find it.

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Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash stats and features

Summoning Meera’s Curseblade consumes 127 FP.

Meera’s Curse of the Blade Spirit Ash can be upgraded with Glovewort. The damage and defense of this Spirit Ash (and all others) can be further increased by buffing the Blessing of the Shadow Realm with Venerable Spirit Ashes in the Place of Grace, although this buff only works in the Shadow Realm.

Item description for the Ashes of the Spirit of Meera’s Curse of the Blade

The item description for Ash’s Spirit Meera’s Cursed Blade reads:

“Remains of ash where ghosts still live. Use to summon the spirit of Curseblade Meera.

The cursed blades seem to dance as they spin their shiny round blades. Those ascetics who failed to become guardian deities were a plague to those who tried to invade the homeland of the horns.

Long ago, before the land was eclipsed by invasion, this plague was rejected and the cursed blades were imprisoned. It was during this imprisonment that Meera and Labirith formed their bond, and after Meera’s death, Labirith was said to have fallen into devastating darkness.

Where to find the Spirit Ash of the Cursed Blade of Meera

You can find Meera’s Cursed Blade Spirit Ash by defeating Cursed Blade Labirith, who is the boss at the end of Bonny Gaol. You can find this dungeon near Bonny Village by heading south across the bridge. You’ll find the dungeon tucked away on the right, at the end of the path.

Screenshot: : From Software / Kotaku

Bonny Gaol is quite basic, but offers a wide range of attacks from enemies waiting around corners or popping out of pots scattered throughout the dungeons. Proceed carefully until you reach the boss door.

Inside the boss door will be a Libirith Curseblade, which can deal a shocking amount of damage very quickly. Additionally, the boss will be completely imperceptible unless you utilize a lightweight source, so when entering, take a flashlight with you and make sure you have it in one hand.

Don’t forget to utilize your Spirit Ash summon if things get too tough, as this boss has long bursts of attacks that can kill you extremely quickly. Allowing you to summon a tank can take the pressure off your back and focus solely on DPS.

Regardless of how you choose to face Curseblade Libirth, defeating this boss will reward you with Meera Curseblade’s Spirit Ash. If you plan on using it, be sure to take it back to the Round Table Fortress and level it first.

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