Wahey, the large bad final boss of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree has now been sentenced to death by saxophone


Warning: spoilers from Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree ahead.

I’m very joyful to report that the final boss of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, the one that so many tough guys asked us to focus on in Let Me Solo Her, has now been defeated by someone using a saxophone as a controller.

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Yes, we’ve had disposables, super tanks, and dance mats, so the natural progression is for someone to ruin a DLC boss’s day with some soothing jazz, which is exactly what this streamer did. To be fair, considering they had already made it through the base Clarence Clemons game – as we talked to them asking for DLC hints when it was first revealed – this kill was probably inevitable.

Armed with the skills of a FromSoft musical veteran, streamer DrDeComposing defeated the incredibly tough Promised Consort Radahn while using their trusty electric saxophone to control Tarnished. In what they believe to be the first alternate Shadow of the Erdtree controller to reach completion, defeating the boss took a surprisingly low number of attempts, just a dozen or so.

As you can see below, Doctor Decomposing was obviously very pleased to have defeated the boss, and immediately burst out laughing after taking one of his final form’s infamous meteor attacks – apparently the first time they had encountered one – and delivering the finishing blow.

After spending some time together after the victory, which came just over an hour into a weekend live broadcast that lasted almost five hours, the streamer finally found a few words to sum it up. “What?” they said, “I’m shaking, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Naturally, they then went back to re-watch the kill, claiming that the number of attempts required over two play sessions was less than the number of attempts it took to defeat Scadutree’s avatar and Bayle the Fear, given the shield they were using – at first glance we’re guessing it was a Carian Thrust Shield – sounded like it would have had a large impact on being able to defeat Radahn so quickly.

If you’re struggling through Shadow of the Erdtree on your own and need a little aid to get through the game without having to play the pleasant notes, check out our wide range of guides that should aid you with whatever you need aid with.

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