Today’s NYT Connections Tips and Answers (Monday, July 1)


Want a Connections prompt today? Following on from the monumental success of the daily puzzle game Wordle, the New York Times has published another fantastically popular word game. It’s called Connections and if you haven’t played it before, now is the time to start.

In this guide, we’ll provide some helpful tips for today’s Connections puzzle, which will take place on Monday, July 1st, before revealing the group themes and Connections answers themselves. We’ll also explain how to play Connections if this is your first time coming to Wordle!

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Words of connection on Monday, July 1

For comparison, below are 16 keywords for today:

Finish Physical Wisdom Beauty
Peach Kid Apple Eye
Sweet Bar Gem Final
Alphabet Admire Oral Amazon

July 1st Calling Tip

Here’s a hint for each of the word groups in today’s Connections puzzle, as well as some additional clues to lend a hand you find the answer:

  • Yellow (easiest): They make up your phones, streaming services, and social media.
  • Green (uncomplicated): All of them can be considered tests.
  • Blue (medium): Great, fantastic, above average.
  • Purple (most hard): Everything has to do with challenging things in your mouth to some degree.
  • Bonus tip 1: “Bar” and “oral” belong to the same group.
  • Bonus tip 2: “Eye” and “sweet” belong to the same group.

Call groups for July 1

If you need even more guidance to solve today’s Connections puzzle, below we’ll reveal the four correct Connections groups – the themes that connect each set of four words in the Connections grid.

Here are the Connections groups for today:

  • Technology companies
  • Types of exams
  • Something exemplary
  • Words before “tooth”

Now that you know the reasoning behind the different connections in today’s puzzle, see if you can solve it! If not, check out the full answer below.

Spoiler alert! The answer to today’s Connections deal is ahead!

Image Source: NOW

What is the answer to today’s (Monday, July 1) Connections question?

  • Technology companies: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta
  • Types of exams: Bar, Final, Oral, Physical
  • Something exemplary: Beauty, jewel, miracle, peach
  • Words preceding “tooth”: Baby, Eye, Sweet, Wisdom

Congratulations if you answered today’s Connections question correctly, with or without the lend a hand of our helpful tips above! And if you didn’t succeed today, don’t worry – a modern Connections puzzle is released every day at midnight, so you can try again tomorrow, just like with Wordle!

What is Connections?

Connections is a daily word puzzle published by the NYT, host of the ever-popular Wordle puzzle. Created daily by crossword puzzler Wyna Liu, Connections presents a selection of 16 seemingly disparate words that must be grouped into four sets of four words, with each group of four words sharing a common theme.

For example, the words “Hook”, “Nana”, “Peter”, and “Wendy” are all characters from Peter Pan. Or, to give another example, “Action”, “Ballpark”, “Go”, and “Stick” are all words that usually appear right before the word “Figure”.

Your task is to guess what motives connect the different words – but be careful, because in most cases there are intentional red herring connections to confuse you! To win the game, you must find all four connections without making 4 mistakes. On the fourth mistake, the game ends and the answer is revealed automatically.

Each of the four groups in the daily Connection puzzle is also assigned a different color to represent how uncomplicated or hard it is to find the Connection. These colors are: yellow (easiest), green (uncomplicated), blue (medium), and purple (hardest).

That wraps up today’s guide on how to solve the NYT Connections word puzzle. If you’re looking for lend a hand with Wordle, we also have our list of Wordle past answers for you, as well as a Wordle clue and answer for Sunday, June 30. You can also check out our list of the best Wordle starters or employ our Wordle Solver to easily find the answer!

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