There’s something in the water: the nippy Alice in Wonderland DLC for PowerWash Simulator is coming next month


PowerWash Simulator’s next paid crossover after Warhammer 40,000, Back to the Future and Spongebob Squarepants will throw some water into the tank. That something is, of course, 19th-century literature, because the creators of FuturLab allowed us to get acquainted with their approach to the surreal world of Alice in Wonderland.

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A special package inspired by Lewis Carroll’s fantasy novel – the basis of both a psychedelic Disney film and a more twisted interpretation of American McGee (and Tim Burton’s live-action films, but the less said about them the better) – was announced a few weeks ago, teasing that that the Cheshire Cat will appear among distorted Dalí-style architecture and over/undersized objects.

At the time, we were given a loose “Summer 2024” release window that had this now it was focused downwards until release date: July 2.

The Alice’s Adventure Pack will feature five modern maps to clear with the sprayer, traveling from the Wonderland Entrance Hall to the White Rabbit’s House and Caterpillar Mushrooms, before stopping at the Mad Tea Party and finally allowing the roses to be painted red in the Queen of Hearts’ Court. Expect funky mushrooms, psychedelic colors and a dapper frog wearing a bow tie as you check out screenshots from the trailer. You’ll also get a modern outfit for your friends to admire in multiplayer, as well as gloves and a washing machine skin for you to see for yourself.

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The Alice’s Adventures DLC for PowerWash Simulator will cost £6.50, the same as previous packs if appears on Steam in just over a week. In addition, FuturLab has released free “Summer Season” content. their 2024 roadmapabout which we know nothing more yet.

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