The best submachine gun in Warzone right now (and how to best operate it)


Despite the huge size of the map, War zone rewards speedy, frenetic close-combat gameplay. You are rewarded for playing aggressively, pushing your enemy and not letting him catch his breath. To achieve this feat, submachine guns are king. This is the best melee weapon, characterized by a high rate of fire, vast magazine and high DPS. However, you can’t take every submachine gun with you, so choosing the right one can be the difference between victory and defeat in the Lower Town.

The best submachine gun in War zone Today

Meta in War zone changes frequently, but one submachine gun maintains its top spot each season. This is Over 46. It is lightweight, straightforward to operate and has a high rate of fire and quick kill time, making it ideal for the tight spaces of Urzikstan or Rebirth Island.

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Here are some key Superi 46 stats to keep in mind for your next round:

  • Time to kill: 616 ms
  • Ad speed: 204 ms
  • Mobility: 5.0/sec
  • Maximum range: 14.0m

Screenshot: : Activision/Kotaku

What benefits and attachments to operate War zoneSuper 46

If at all possible, when using Superi 46, realize the following benefits:

  • Fast hands: Reload, operate gear and swap weapons faster.
  • High alert: Directional vision pulses when an enemy outside your range targets you.
  • Double time: Doubles the duration of Tactical Sprint and increases crouching movement speed by 30%.

These advantages highlight the fast-paced gameplay necessary to excel in the Superi 46. As with any other submachine gun, even those outside the meta, the key to winning a fight with one is to fire quickly and first. If you manage to surprise your opponent, he won’t have a chance to react properly, leaving you to unload the entire magazine into his rear.

Finally, you won’t always be able to choose your preferred weapon attachments, but if you can get your hands on a loadout and have a Superi 46 in your loadout, here’s what you should run:

  • Barrel: Zulu OP3 lightweight barrel
  • Under the barrel: XRK Edge BW-4 handbrake
  • Mouth: Zehmn35 Compensated flash hider
  • Rear handle: Phantom grip
  • Warehouse: Rescue-9 Magazine
  • Magazine: 40 round mags

Regardless of whether you operate the Superi 46 as a primary or secondary weapon, it is effective in close-range combat. It’s usually best to carry long-range equipment such as an assault rifle or a bolt-action sniper to hit targets from afar before moving in to finish the job.

Honorable mentions in the SMG category

Big red gun ready to destroy the evil tractor.

Screenshot: : Activision/Kotaku

SMG w War zone are very effective, so most of them turn out to be useful. But if you can’t get your hands on the Superi 46, a few standouts include:

  • MCW
  • Lachmann’s Shroud
  • Swarm of WSP

The MCW is one of the most versatile and new-player-friendly weapons in the game, making it an ideal choice not only for the submachine gun category, but all weapon types in the game. War zone.

Lachmann’s Shroud comes with a built-in silencer, making it ideal for crouch and stealth gameplay while maintaining a high rate of fire and relatively compact kill time.

Finally, we have the WSP swarm. This is not the best choice for competitive and die-hard people War zone players, but the swarm seems underrated. It’s speedy, has a vast magazine, and has one of the fastest fire rates in Battle Royale. If you manage to get the shot off, you can quickly deal with a diminutive squad.

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