The best novel Ashes of War in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree


Elden Ring The shade of the Erd tree The DLC introduced a lot of novel content. Not only is there the extensive Shadow Realm and its various Legacy Dungeons to explore, but there are also novel weapons, equipment, and even Ashes of War to track down. Some of them are brilliant additions to the game that give some weapons novel life.

This page will focus on best Ashes of War that we found in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. Check out our ultimate Elden Ring Ashes of War guide to learn the best Ashes in the base game.

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The best Ashes of War in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Here are the best Ashes of War added to Elden Ring as part of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

Divine Beast Frost Stomp

Compatible with: All melee weapons

The Divine Beast’s Frost Curb can be applied to all weapons and has a Cold affinity by default. Once used, Tarnished stomps, creating a huge wave of frost in front of him. Think of it as something similar to Hoarfrost Stomp, but more powerful.

Divine Beast Frost Stomp has a larger area of ​​effect than Hoarfrost Stomp and, at first glance, has more power. You can also charge up the stomp to boost its attack power and range, making it quite powerful. I’m definitely looking forward to using this against Godskin Duo in my next series, that’s for sure.

Divine Beast’s Frost Stomp can be obtained by defeating Divine Beast’s Lion Dancing and trading the Lion Dancing’s memory at the Round Table.

Furious beast

Compatible with: Beast Claws

The Furious Beast Ash of War is only compatible with the Beast Claws, which is a prominent weapon in Shadow of the Erdtree. In my version of the Beast Claws, I used this Ash of War with the Bleeding infusion and was able to quickly apply Bleeding to enemies while moving so brisk that I was able to dodge their worst attacks as well.

This is Ash of War, which when used correctly allows you to quickly dodge an enemy attack and instantly counterattack them with multiple slashes. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun, just not giving your enemies a moment’s respite like they often do to us!

Raging Beast Ash of War drops a Teardrop Scarab north of the Bridge Leading to Village Site of Grace. Just watch out for any nearby wolves.

Image source: VG247/Z software

Invocation of the Spiritual Flame

Compatible with: All medium/huge swords and spears, except Twin Blades and Backhand Blades

Ghostflame Call is a versatile Ash of War that allows you to operate Ghostflame on your opponents. When used, you summon Ghostflame, and then you can operate a lightweight attack to set the floor on fire, or operate a massive attack to cause Ghostflame to explode.

It is similar to Ghostflame Ignition, which is Death’s Poker’s unique ability and admittedly not as powerful. Although it’s nice to have a standard weapon that uses Ghostflame.

To obtain the Flame Spirit’s Call, you must defeat the Death Ritual Bird located north of Charo’s Hidden Grave.

Ghostflame Call Ash of War location is marked on the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree map
Image Source: VG247/From software

A swirl of arid leaves

Compatible with: Dryleaf Art

Dryleaf Whirlwind is an Ash of War exclusive to Dryleaf Arts, and it’s an impressive one at that. It essentially lets you operate Dane’s leg movements as an ability, allowing you to perform spinning kicks at opponents.

In my Dryleaf Arts build I equipped this with a Bleeding infusion and it was a lot of fun to operate against bosses and enemies. I was literally able to kick a Tree Guardian to death and had a blast doing so.

The Dryleaf Whirlwind War Ash can be found in the Ancient Ruins of Rauh, on a ledge above the waterfall, northeast of the Ancient Ruins of Rauh, Eastern Place of Grace.

The location of Dryleaf Whirlwind Ash of War is marked on the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree map
Image Source: VG247/From software

Crucible Aspect: Wings

Compatible with: All non-colossus swords and polearms that can thrust

Aspect of the Crucible: Wings is an Ash of War that looks very elegant, but I didn’t find it very useful on the battlefield. Once equipped, it allows you to soar into the air using the ghostly wings that Crucible Knights have, then drop down and plunge your sword into an enemy.

It’s fun, sure, but not all that fruitful against bosses, considering you’ll likely be thrown out of Ash of War before it ends. You can get Aspect of the Crucible: Wings by defeating Black Knight Edredd in Fort Nagana, which is located south of the Moorth Ruins, past the Ghostflame Dragon. You can also skip Rellana and get here earlier than expected.

The location of the Crucible Aspect: Wings Ash of War is marked on the Shadow of Erdtree Elden Ring map
Image source: VG247/Z software

Sparks rolling

Compatible with: Perfume bottles

Rolling Sparks is a must-have Ash of War if you plan on playing Perfumer. You’ll throw the perfume in front of you for a decent medium distance before it quickly explodes on enemies. It’s best to throw them on the floor, where they are less likely to miss enemies.

I used this in my version of Frost Perfumer and was impressed by how much damage a bottle of perfume can do. There is also something less impressive Wall of Sparks who sees you scatter perfume on your head before it explodes.

Rolling Sparks are dropped by a floating teardrop-shaped scarab northeast of Highroad Cross. From there, head north past the Messmer encampment and turn right up the hill where you’ll find some Perfumer enemies.

Use a ranged spell or bow to eliminate the nearby flying scarab, then you’ll need to finish it off with a few quick attacks.

The location of Rolling Sparks Ash of War is marked on the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree map
Image Source: VG247/Z software


Compatible with: All melee weapons

Blinkbolt is an incredibly fun Ash of War with an affinity for Lightning. Once used, you will become hidden and quickly dodge in the direction you are facing, leaving a trail of lightning behind you. This honestly reminded me a lot of Zeus’ dodge power-ups in Hades, considering it allows you to damage nearby enemies with lightning when you quickly dodge away from them.

You can find Blinkbolt in a chest in the Catacombs of Mist, located next to Ensis Castle.

Dead spot

Compatible with: Backhand blades

Blind Spot is like a rejuvenated version of Bloodhound’s Step. Depending on which direction you throw the Ashes of War, you will jump towards the enemy and stab him in the side. Enemies cannot defend themselves against it either. He is brisk and for the first time equipped with the Backhand Blade weapon, which is one of the best weapons to operate him with. It’s also one of the best DLC bleeding weapons.

To get the Blind Spot, take a compact walk northeast of the Scorched Ruins on Gravesite Plain. Here, you’ll find the Backhand Blade on a corpse surrounded by several enemies, with a War Ash attached to it.

The location of Ash of War's Backhand Blade and Blind Spot is marked on the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree map
Image Source: VG247/Z software

Wing posture

Compatible with: Light Great Swords

Wing Stance may seem unimpressive at first, but think of it as a bit like Unsheath. The only weapon you can operate it on is Milady, considering the other two Light Greatswords in the game have unique Ashes, but it’s worth mentioning anyway.

Once you’ve used it, you’ll put your weapon out to the right, and then you can either do a lightweight slashing attack or a massive thrusting attack. Both feel incredibly fluid and quick to operate, and when done correctly, they deal significant damage. Your only problem will be getting your Wing Stance ready and attacking before the boss brutally cuts you down.

You will find Wing Stance in a chest in Castle Ensis. Once you reach the Lord’s Chamber Site of Grace, jump over the balcony to reach a miniature tower. Ash of War is at the top.

Poisonous Flower Blooms Double

Compatible with: All melee weapons

Poison Flower Blooms Twice is a pretty nippy looking Ash of War where you inflict Crimson Rot on enemies. When used, War Ash throws you forward and summons multiple vines of Crimson Rot on the floor below the opponent, and if you make another attack, you will deal massive damage.

This particular Ash of War drops a Teardrop Scarab in a ravine beneath the Ancient Ruins of Rauh. Head just south of the Ravine North Site of Grace and you’ll soon see it shimmering in a miniature pool.

The location of the Poison Flower Blooms twice Ashes of War is marked on the Shadow of Erdtree Elden Ring map
Image source: VG247/Z software

To learn more about Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, check out our guide where we explain where to find all the Scadutree fragments, where to find the Larva Tears to re-specialize in the Shadow Realm, and how to quickly defeat those pesky Furnace Golems.

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