The best design of Zenless Zone Zero Koleda


Zenless Zone Zero has a list of crazy and distinct characters for you to meet and exploit in battle, and some of them definitely have more power than others. Take the fiery Ugly For example, from Belobog Industries, which can instantly stun enemies and deal a lot of damage to them.

The S-rank powerhouse wields a massive hammer that allows her to stun enemies, and has the only duo-Ultimate in the game alongside her faction member, Ben. To support you get the most out of this Agent, here are a few tips best Koleda build in Zenless Zone Zero.

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The best design of Zenless Zone Zero Koleda

Koleda is an S-rank stun agent in Zenless Zone Zero, a relatively effortless champion to play effectively whose kit allows her to easily buff basic attacks and deal a ton of stun.

Whenever Koleda performs an assist, chain attack, or EX special attack, she activates Furnace Fire. Furnace Fire becomes vigorous after her next basic attack, allowing all basic attacks after it to deal more Daze to enemies. Her empowered basic attacks will also deal fire damage!

As a result, one way to play Koleda is to start fights with another teammate – such as your DPS Agent – and then switch to Koleda with support as quickly as possible. Koleda can then attack with a basic attack, immediately consuming Furnace Fire and upgrading his basic attacks with Daze.

If you then charge up her EX Special attack, exploit it anywhere possible before switching back to her Basic attack. Likewise, if a chain attack is triggered, exploit it before Koleda uses her Basic attack again.

The best compositions of the Koleda band

There are a few team compositions that fit Koleda’s kit in Zenless Zone Zero, but as a powerful stunner you can put her on most teams and still see Koleda make an impact.

For the premium mono-fire team which also activates the Belobog management skill (by having two agents from the Belobog Industries faction), you want Soldier 11, Koleda and Ben. Connect them with S-Class Rocketboo to make Bangboo deal more fire damage and cause more fire anomalies to build up during combat.

On F2P monofire team, — assuming you’re lucky and already have Koleda — you can team up with Koleda, Ben, and Lucy. Send Cryboo Rank with them, which works similarly to Rocketboo but deals less damage. It’s a bit of an odd team composition, considering it consists of a Stun Agent, a Defense Agent, and a Support Agent, but the trio will activate their abilities and be able to deal a ton of damage as a result.

For example, Belobog Management and Lucy’s Batter Up! skills are both vigorous in this team composition. While you can get Ben for free by progressing through ZZZ’s story missions, Lucy is someone you’ll have to hope to get from the in-game Signal Search banners, or with enough Residual Signals, you can buy her from the in-game store. Although as an A Rank character, it shouldn’t take too long to get her!

It’s also worth noting that while Koleda and Ben have great synergy and are the only Ultimate duo in Zenless Zone Zero, that doesn’t mean you have to have Ben on your team. That’s ideal, considering how Ben can enhance Koleda’s kit by being on her team, but you can still have a perfectly viable—and powerful!—team without the grizzly bear. For example, I used Koleda as my Stun character for a while in a team with Ellen and Soukaku with no problem

Image Source: VG247/HoYoverse

Best Carol W-Engines

The best W engines for Koleda in Zenless Zone Zero are:

  • S-Class Hellfire Gear – The best W-Engine for Koleda, increases her energy regeneration while she is off the battlefield. Also, when Koleda uses her EX special attack, her Impact will be increased for 10 seconds. This can stack twice.
  • Precious fossilized core – This A-Class W engine allows Koleda to deal more Stun when her health is above 50%. If her health is above 75%, the Stun buff is further increased.
  • B Rank Vortex Arrow – Koleda’s B Rank W-Engine option allows her to deal more Daze. But that’s all!

Koleda and her W-Engine and Disk Drives are shown in Zenless Zone Zero
Image Source: VG247/HoYoverse

Koled’s best discs and statistics

When it comes to the best strenuous drives for Koleda and what parameters you should pay attention to, you have a few options:

Shockstar Disco with swing jazz

  • 2 pieces of Shockstar Disco – increases impact force by 6%.
  • 4 x Shockstar Disco – Basic attacks, Dash attacks, and Dodge Counters can deal 20% more Stun.
  • 2 pieces of Swing Jazz – increases energy regeneration by 20%.

You can also try Shockstar Disco with two songs from Inferno Metal set if you want to boost Koleda’s damage as much as possible. I recommend choosing this option if you’re already using S Rank Hellfire Gears W-Engine. If not, I’d stick with Swing Jazz!

  • 2 pieces of Inferno Metal – increases fire damage by 10%.

The most critical strenuous drives for you in terms of statistics are 4, 5, and 6. In their case, ideally you would have the following parameters:

  • Disc 4 – Critical Hit or DMG Rate
  • Disc 5 – Fire DMG or Impact
  • Disc 6 – Fire DMG or Impact

As for other stats and substats, look out for Impact and Energy Regen if possible, as well as Crit. Rate and Crit. DMG. Extra Fire DMG or ATK% wouldn’t hurt either!

Koleda promotional materials

To promote Koleda on Zenless Zone Zero, you will need the following promotional materials.

  • Level 10 to 20: 24,000 Denny, 4x Basic Stun Certification Seal
  • Level 20 to 30: 56,000 Denny 12x Advanced Stun Certification Seal
  • Level 30 to 40: 120,000 Denny, 20x Advanced Stun Certification Seal
  • Level 40 to 50: 200,000 Denny, 10x Buster certification stamp

That’s all in our Koleda build! To learn more about Zenless Zone Zero, take a look at our Nicole, Billy and Anby build.

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