Sorry long suffering Helldivers 2 spear lovers, after a brief fix it now causes crashes


Listen, before you read this, make sure you have tissues ready. Poor Helldivers Spear 2. Up until the latest game updates, the game’s aiming was broken, and the faithful legion who loved stabbing things spent ages praying and insisting that Arrowhead would fix it for them. The developer did so. But now the penniless spear is back in the doghouse.

If you’re not up to date, Arrowhead has been busy working on a number of issues that have cropped up since the game’s last update, including enemy spawn rates and ship modules not doing what they say on the tin. The Spear is unfortunately the newest addition to this list.

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What’s going on this time? Well, something a little different than the aiming issues that were a problem before – now it’s been linked to some crashes that people have been experiencing.

If you visit the game’s subreddit, you’ll see devastated spear lovers lamenting that numerous crashes began to appear on the desktop during the missions for which they chose it as their means of killing.

Fortunately, Arrowhead is already aware of the issue and is working on a fix, and community manager Twinbeard has responded to those reporting the issue on the Helldivers 2 Discord server. “Yes, we are currently experiencing crashes related to the Spear,” they told one of the unhappy spear people. “We are looking into it. It appears that the Spear is cursed.”

Yes, damn it, that’s exactly what we’re after with this beleaguered bayonet. If you’ve decided to upgrade your spear to a ballistic shield kit while you’re waiting for it to be repaired, you’ll be ecstatic to know that the issues people have reported with it – such as interfering with aiming and causing flash damage while being thrown back at people, you’ll be ecstatic to know that Twinbeard assured that they believe Arrowhead has a solution to this problem “in the works.”

So yes, there you go. Sorry spear lovers, I’m sure it will work perfectly for more than a few days at some point before the end of time.

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