Nintendo Switch Sports adds basketball in a free update


After yesterday’s victory of the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, we learned how we can get on the court in the summer. Nintendo Switch Sports, the successor to the hugely popular Wii Sports series, arrived in 2022. While the initial offerings lacked depth and sometimes left us wanting more than the base game could provide, Nintendo stuck with the title and improved the offerings with free updates. A few months after launch, the title added golf at no additional cost, and during today’s Nintendo Direct we learned that another free update will be coming to the game this summer, which will add basketball to the game.

The Nintendo Switch Sports implementation of basketball uses motion controls for dribbling, passing, and shooting. You can take part in two-on-two matches locally or compete in five-series battle matches and three-point contests. You can also take part in a solo three-point challenge where you have to make as many baskets as possible before the time runs out.

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A free basketball update for Nintendo Switch Sports is coming this summer. For more information on Nintendo Switch Sports, read our review of the base game here.

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