Modders discover Yennefer’s last-minute betrayal in The Witcher 3 cut content


The gigantic, massive RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently received a fresh set of official modding tools in the form of REDKit, a powerful downloadable tool that helps you add anything you want to your game, including entire custom quest lines. Less than two months have passed since the release of REDKit, and ‘Tuber xLetalis and modder glassfish – co-creator of restoring cut content Comrades in arms mod – they put together a show containing about 20 minutes of cut content from the end of the game. Regards, cheerful RPS fanzine Computer player!

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The cutscenes, excavated and re-implemented for the film, took place between Geralt’s duel with Eredin and the game’s finale in the tower. They all take place in the Nilfgaardian camp and include conversations with Yennefer and Emperor Charles the Dance, as well as optional chats and exploration. There’s also a scene – although it lacks some animations – where Yennefer betrays the Lodge of Sorceresses to the Nilfgaardians in order to lend a hand Ciri. However, she lets Triss escape because she’s a source of goodwill.

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Elsewhere in the rejected scenes there are even a few extra bits featuring good senior Crach an Craite, who I mainly remember as the person gifting a highly vaunted magical sword with completely useless stats.

It’s been too long since I finished The Witcher 3 for me to say whether this was a well-done edit, though it does remind me of the granular politics in the final hours of The Witcher 2. As great as the third game was, I mourn all the plot points from the second that it left hanging, especially Iorveth and Saskia, and many other minor details from the final act. Well, you can’t have everything, I suppose. Unless there was some incredibly powerful tool that allowed modders to simply overturn add something to the game. Imagine that! You can give me back my dragon wife right now! Now!

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