Lords Mobile is preparing for the next battle by starting cooperation with THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV


Over the years, Lords Mobile has been home to some captivating collaborations: Kung Fu Panda, Pagani, and even Armored Combat Worldwide. As great as they are, the latest crossover might be the coolest yet: LORDS MOBILE x THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV.

That’s right, IGG’s MMORTS is teaming up with the bombastic fighting game SNK to bring you up-to-date castle skins, leader skins, co-op avatars, co-op emotes, artifacts, and guild borders during a series of events from now until July 31st. The Lords will team up with Kyo Kusanagi and Mai Shiranui – two iconic characters from THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV – to conquer the Kingdoms of Athena and grab some limited-time goodies along the way.

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During daily login events, Monster Hunts and Kingdom Labors you will earn Fighter’s Tickets. Use them in the Stadium of Warriors, collect photo fragments and put them together to receive unique cooperation rewards, such as Mai Shiranui or Arcade Adventure castle skins, as well as a whole host of other emoticons and avatars. You might even pick up a few Warrior Emblems along the way, which you can employ to create the Kyo Kusanagi leader skin, along with brand up-to-date artifacts like the Master Belt and the Gauntlets of Power.

The first event, Warrior Faction War, begins on June 13 and runs until June 17, during which lords will face five rounds of challenges, with rewards waiting for factions that deal enough cumulative damage. Bonus gadgets are waiting for even the top 100 participants of this event.

The second event, Fighters Puzzle, will run from June 25 to June 30. Players can complete event tasks to solve puzzles and earn co-op-only rewards. The lucky ruler who completes the puzzle will be randomly selected and will also receive real prizes.

(Photo: IGG)

Finally, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV Showdown event will run from July 17 to 28. During a thrilling 12-day game spanning three rounds, each lord will have to unite to complete challenges and unlock rewards. There are even more bonus rewards to earn here too, with the top 100 guilds receiving an exclusive Lords Mobile x THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV guild frame.

Actually, that’s not all! The homecoming party is back and is currently running until June 19. Invite your venerable friends to rejoin the fight, complete tasks and stand a chance to win sweet gift cards. If you’ve been away from Lords Mobile for at least two weeks, maybe it’s time for your friend to invite you back again, eh?

Lords Mobile x THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV crossover event.

(Photo: IGG)

More information about the Lords Mobile x THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV event can be found here Special IGG website. Lords Mobile is available on Couple AND Standalone IGG launcheror take part in portable combat by downloading the game via App Store Or Google Play Store. Stay up to date with all Lords Mobile news and future events by following us Facebook or join an official player Discord server.

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