List of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree NPC mission guides


The main story of Elden Ring is about demigods, legends, kings and queens, but the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC puts the devoted followers of these powerful aristocrats in the spotlight.

In the Shadowlands, you meet a variety of fascinating people, each with their own motivations, conflicts, and goals to achieve.

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In true Elden Ring tradition, it’s extremely basic to accidentally skip quest steps, lose track of a character’s location, or simply not know where to go next.

To combat this, we’ve put together a Shadow of the Erdtree NPC Quest List so you can keep track of the cast of characters throughout Shadowland.

We have a full walkthrough for each NPC quest associated with its name in the list below.

Shadow of the Erdtree NPC Quests

  1. Needle Knight Leda
  2. Tiollier
  3. Hornsent
  4. Redman Freyja
  5. Mr. Ansbach
  6. Moore
  7. Dry-leaved data
  8. enter
  9. Count Ymir
  10. Queelign, the Knight of Fire
  11. Sword of the Night, Jolan
  12. Hornsent’s grandmother
  13. Miquella’s supporters

Many of the NPC quests in Shadow of the Erdtree are interconnected. For example, you can’t complete Freyja’s quest without Ansbach’s lend a hand, while Needle Knight’s Leda has a lot of influence on both Hornsent and Ansbach.

Thiollier and Moore have little interaction, but are otherwise relatively isolated from the rest of Miquella’s followers in terms of how they carry out their individual tasks, but do return to influence Leda.

The data only speaks to you through messages, but it could be considered a driving force for the main plot given the hints of progression it contains.

Count Ymir and Fire Knight Queelign are unrelated story-wise, however both require Iris of Grace or Iris of Occultation to fully complete.

Igon is then left alone with the Dragon Communion arc, culminating in Bayle the Dread.

But in the end, as you might expect, Granny Hornsent does have some interaction with Hornsent, albeit a tiny one.

Due to the structure of the Erdtree Shadow, it is possible to bring each individual task to a satisfactory conclusion in one game. But there are plenty of machinations that are basic to miss. So if you are particularly interested in a specific character, check in with him or her on a regular basis or check the route of his or her expedition.

For example, on my first playthrough, I missed a key interaction between Hornsent and Leda that had consequences for both of their quests and meant Hornsent didn’t appear later in the story.

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