How to defeat Mohg, the Blood Lord in Elden Ring


Mohg, Lord of Blood is an optional boss located in a secret area that can be easily missed during a full playthrough of the game Ring of Fire.

But for Ring of Fire‘S Shadow of Erdtree DLC, Mohg is a required boss alongside Radahn. You will need to defeat him to gain access to Miquella’s cocoon in the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum and be transported to the Shadowlands.

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In this guide, we’ll share our best tips on the subject How to defeat Mohg Ring of Fire, including some highly recommended items to get first, and if all else fails, a Cheese Mohg.

Mohg’s location in the Elden Ring

Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Reaching the Mohgwyn dynasty mausoleum in Elden Ring

Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Mohg, Lord of Blood is located in Mohgwyn Palace, a secret underground area located in the Siofra River Well region where Nokron, the Eternal City, is located. However, despite being part of the Siofra River well, there is a direct route from there – instead, reaching it requires using a teleporter, perhaps by progressing through the Varré questline.

From there you need to reach the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. The the closest place of grace is the midpoint of the dynasty’s mausoleum; from there, take the elevator to the Mausoleum proper (you may need to flip the switch on the right first) and enter the wall of fog to meet Mohg.

How to prepare for Mohg in Elden Ring

There are many strategies to combat Mohg, depending on whether you’re a melee user or a ranged magic enthusiast, but regardless of your playstyle, there are two items that can make a huge difference. We highly recommend seeking them out.

Obtain Mohg’s Shackles

Mohg’s Shackles behave similarly to Margit’s Shackles – using this item will temporarily stun Mohg, up to twice, and only during the first right phase. Use the shackles to get some free hits on ancient Mohg.

Mohg’s Shackles can be found in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, in the Underground Guarding Grounds (where you will also find the Dung Eater), where they are guarded by two giant crayfish. The embedded video above shows the exact location.

Obtain the Purifying Crystal Tear

This Crystal Tear will cleanse the Blood Lord’s curse in a mixed physical state, reducing Nihil’s powerful health-draining attack that Mohg performs when at half health. The Purifying Crystal Tear is dropped by Eleanor, the Purple Bloody Finger in the Second Church of Marik on the Altus Plateau, which appears during Yura’s quests. This Crystal Tear pairs well with Speckled Hardtear in your Wondrous Physick mix.

In addition to the above two items, other things to prepare include:

Bring much healing and blood loss prevention

Mohg drains your health with the Nihil spell, and you may end up drinking your healing bottle repeatedly to stay alive. It also causes hemorrhage (blood loss), so equip Jamming Boluses or utilize the Lord’s Aid spell to reduce the effect.

When in doubt Tear Mimic

Mimic Tear (one of the best Spirit Ashes in the game) is a great distraction for Mohg, allowing you to attack him from behind and break his balance for extra damage. You can also utilize the Enhanced Spirit Summon of your choice. It’s a sheltered space free from judgment.

Mohg’s weakness in Elden Ring

Mohg has high fire resistance, so giving him frostbite and/or hemorrhage may be your best option. Given the blood loss around Mohg, you can equip the Blood Lord’s Rapture talisman, which increases attack power (by 20%) when blood loss occurs nearby.

How to defeat Mohg in Elden Ring

Fighting Mohg in the Elden Ring

Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Like many of the boss battles in Ring of Fire, Mohg, Lord of Blood is a two-phase boss fight. In the first half, Mohg will deal standard and piercing damage with his trident and attack with streams of bloodflame, a combination of fire and bleed damage that will build over time.

Make sure you have armor and talismans that negate physical, fire and blood damage. By the way, make sure you utilize Mohg’s Shackles – it only works in the first phase, so utilize it to get some effortless hits.

In the second half of the boss fight, Mohg will cast Ritual of Bloody Grace when he reaches 50% health. This spell will heal the Mohg significantly and cause the player to lose blood, and this is where the utilize of Cleansing Crystal Tear will prevent significant damage from being done.

If you haven’t used it yet, now is a good time to utilize Spirit Ash of your choice – as mentioned above, Mimic Tear is your best bet – to create a distraction in the second phase, especially since there will be more of the blood flame fighting with everyone around you. Stay alert to where he lands, stay vigorous and keep moving to avoid these splashes.

Mohg's second phase in the Elden Ring

Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

If you’re still struggling, leveling up can aid raise your damage output and survivability – and the good news is that the best rune farming method in the entire game is just around the corner.

Ser Mohg in the Elden Ring

If you’ve done the above and are still having trouble – or you’d rather skip the steps above and go straight to victory – there’s a cheese method that, at the time of writing in mid-June 2024, we’ve proven to still work.

Long story low, after starting the boss fight, then saving and reloading your save, you go back to the place of grace in the Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint and go down the cliff. Following a specific route down and through the rocky terrain below will lead you to a crack in the floor, which you can lower while riding the Torrent. By cutting through the air while free-falling into the abyss for a few minutes, you’ll cause Mohg to magically die without even touching him.

The embedded video above details the exact route, and remember that if you die on the way down the cliffs, you have to start the whole process over again – visiting Mohg and reloading your save, and so on. It’s a little hard to do, but it works and depending on your playtime, skill level, and patience, it’s probably the best way to beat Mohg and gain access to the DLC as quickly as possible.

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