How the Skibidi Toilet Overwatch 2 Meme Ended Up on a Times Square Billboard


If you happened to be walking through Times Square in Manhattan on Monday, June 24 at 10 p.m. EST, you may have seen some photos of Projectnewest hero from Overwatch 2 on one of the huge screens. The digital billboards featured photos of sports exercises, non-binary archaeologist playing with his favorite rock, as well as his head sticking out of the toilet, a reference to a bizarre meme. But why did this happen? Was this an unconventional play by Blizzard to promote the free-to-play hero shooter at the start of its eleventh season? No, it was a group of Venture fans who thought it would be entertaining.

Ashton “TheTrainiscool” Alexander initiated the idea with the group Overwatch 2 players, each of whom added an image to the approximately 15-second slideshow. The friends met on Twitter and have since moved to Discord to play Overwatch 2 Together. Alexander told My city via private message that he, as well as Twitter users @Swirlymark, @rnaidens, @sexdisrespecter, @FlingLatraniz16, @Dorkp0rk, @beelolbop and one anonymous fan, all joined forces to post these images in one of the busiest parts of New York, because they thought “it would be really fun.” But Alexander also says he believes Venture deserves “more love and recognition” within the framework Overwatch community.

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“I really like Venture’s personality,” Alexander said. “They are so energetic and fun! They’re great to play with too! I think this is probably the most fun DPS added to the game in a long time!”

Alexander placed the Venture mug on one of the huge screens TSX App, which allows you to upload a film and pay for its screening on a Time Square screen. The 10 p.m. time slot only cost the group $40. Next to each image in the slideshow is a letter that corresponds to the first letter of the name of the person who sent the photo to Alexander when he obtained the photos for the slideshow. This included an image of the Venture makeover “Skibidi Toilet” meme. with his head sticking out of the toilet.

Twitter user @MissEcho_ managed to capture live video from Time Square and members Overwatch 2 teamcommunity and even Venture’s voice actress, Valeria Rodríguez, took notice.

Alexander was “shocked” when he saw how the “stupid video” he shot reached Rodríguez, but they told him he was a “legend” for making this happen.

“I love their creations like Venture and Strawberry Crepe Cookie from the game CookieRun Kingdom,” he said. “They actually inspired me to try voice acting myself!”

Members Overwatch the community brought this to the attention of fans have done a lot of demanding work promoting Ventureespecially compared to Blizzard. Although the character got it compact animated trailer ia Pride Month comictheir in-game cosmetics have been limited since their release in Season 10. When they debuted, they did not have a legendary skin or Origin story video this was usually the standard for any hero. Venture has been featured extensively in Overwatch 2Pride Month event featuring the aforementioned comic and a skin featuring the purple, black, yellow, and white colors of the non-binary flag. But there are a few omissions that are odd compared to the typical ones Overwatch 2 introduction of the hero.

“Since then, Venture has been my favorite hero Overwatch 2 takeoff,” said Alexander. “I was really excited for them, but I was really disappointed with the way they started. I think Blizzard really needs to show archaeologists more love!”

With the venture, Overwatch 2 now has 40 heroes, and the 41st is a support character codenamed Space Ranger, scheduled to premiere in season 12. Hero shooter eleventh season is ongoing and restored highly desired Pink Mercy skin for breast cancer research.


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