Gala Games The Walking Dead: Empires introduces the novel Glenn the Hero card


  • Glenn’s legacy:The Glenn Hero Card lets players take on the role of Glenn Rhee, a beloved character from The Walking Dead series. His adaptability, resourcefulness, and compassion make him a true survivor.
  • Defend your base: With the Glenn Hero Card, players can defend their bases against walkers and strategize for a better future. As Glenn levels up, they will strengthen their empire.
  • Limited time sale: Glenn Hero cards are available for purchase in two versions: Common Glenn ($4.99) and Ancient Glenn ($249.99). These cards are directly tied to GalaChain and enhance gameplay in The Walking Dead: Empires.

The Walking Dead: Empires, popular Gala A mobile game set in the post-apocalyptic universe of the popular AMC television series, Is Show a novel Hero Card that fans cannot miss. It’s starting soon, players will have the opportunity to earn the Glenn Hero Cardbringing one of the show’s most beloved characters to their own empire.

Glenn: A Survivor’s Legacy

Fans of The Walking Dead comics and TV series will immediately recognize Glenn’s unwavering spirit. Glenn Rhee, played by Steven Yeun on The Walking Dead, left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans. His tragic death on the show was a heartbreaking moment, but now players can keep his memory alive in their empires.

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Glenn is known for his adaptability, resourcefulness, and unwavering compassion. In the face of the horrors of the world, he remained cautious yet confident – a true survivor. The developers have not yet revealed details about Glenn’s abilities in the game.

Play as Glenn

Games' The Walking Dead: Empires Gala presents Glenn's new hero card

With the Glenn Hero Card, players can step into Glenn’s shoes and defend their bases. Whether it’s fending off walkers or developing strategies for a better tomorrow, Glenn’s legacy lives on. As players level up their Glenn, they build a mighty foundation for their empire.

Limited time sale details

Glenn Hero Cards went on sale Friday, June 28 at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. Two versions are available:

  • Common Glenn: $4.99/piece | Delivery for 2000
  • Ancient Glenn: $249.99/piece | 50 Supplies

Don’t miss out – these hero cards are coming directly to GalaChain and are immediately playable in-game. Gala Games promises a broad warning before any hero cards are removed from sale.

More heroes to come

Glenn is just the beginning. Expect regular releases of other favorite characters in the coming months. Players are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions as the game’s Public Development Build progresses. As The Walking Dead: Empires expands its content and prepares for a full release, player feedback remains invaluable.

The introduction of Glenn marks a significant addition to the TWD: Empires roster of characters, offering players a novel strategic dimension to explore. With his unique skills and unwavering spirit, Glenn is sure to become an asset to any aspiring post-apocalyptic empire builder.

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