Fans joke that the fresh Zelda should be called “Legend of Link”


Earlier this morning Nintendo finally did it and announced The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, main line Zelda a game in which the titular princess was cast in the main role latest Direct. Yes, we know about The age of misfortunebut also Zelda’s Adventure, but does anyone else? NO.

Many (well-adjusted) fans cheered the announcement The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdomand to celebrate, they even brought up a joke seemingly as elderly as time. You see, even though Zelda is the namesake of the series, Link was the hero of most of the series. For a long time, fans have been hoping for a Zelda title that would reverse their roles, and it did Link is the one who is saved by Zelda. The name of this hypothetical game: why, The Legend of LinkOf course.

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In their excitement, many took to Twitter to jokingly declare that Nintendo Of course I got the name of the game wrong. Others took the opportunity to show off their own fan art of the Zelda-led game concept.

And then comes the large mind game.

While it’s fun to wonder why Nintendo didn’t actually follow up with the joke, there are two very likely reasons. First of all, Nintendo’s creators may be so detached from the Internet and all the jokes we tell there that it hasn’t seriously occurred to anyone. Nintendo is known for actually hiring its employees, which is why there are so many senior employees who have been working on some of these franchises for decades, like Aonuma. They probably don’t care about all this internet chatter and hey, good for them.

A more likely case is that it definitely came up at some point, but to keep the brand intact they moved on The Legend of Zelda nickname. Plus, last time, a Zelda-hosted game changed its naming scheme…sort of sucked.

As comical as The Legend of Link that is, it doesn’t roll off the tongue in the same way. While you and I can be sure it’s not confusing, there are other, more casual players and buyers who may be confused by the sudden name change. There are already people who think Link’s name is Zelda because he’s the hero of the games, so naming a Zelda-led game after Link might give someone an aneurysm. As much as I hate it, it’s just simpler, but The Legend of Link will live in all our hearts and minds. And now Twitter, I guess.

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