ER Shadow of the Erdtree: How to reach Charo’s hidden grave


Elden Ring Shadow location of Charo Erdtree’s Hidden Grave sounds like a tiny place – just a minuscule grave, nothing substantial. This is actually half of the Cerulean Coast area, and inside there is more than one hidden treasure, another prison, and an excellent weapon.

Our Erdtree Charo Hidden Tomb guide explains how to quickly reach this hidden location and why it’s worth your time.

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Elden Ring Shadow of Erdtree Location of Charo’s Hidden Grave

Charo’s hidden grave is located on the Cerulean coast, but there is no spirit source to launch you there – well, we didn’t find it anyway. It can only be reached through the Great Altar of Dragon Communion, which can be accessed through the Dragon’s Den dungeon. Be sure to upgrade and equip the Dragon Hunter Great Katana you receive from this dungeon. You’ll need it if you decide to stay here and fight the enemies.

When you enter the Jagged Peak area, you will come across a pond with several dead dragons and one very undead dragon. Defeat him if you want, or run away. Turn right (south) and follow the path until you reach the Altar of the Dragon Communion. It takes you through a tiny valley with undead enemies like the ones you encountered in the Dragon Pit on either side. Take the hill on the right to ignore half of them and keep galloping until you reach the altar.

Activate the Place of Grace and talk to Florissax if you want to start the quest leading to Bayle’s boss fight. When you’re ready to continue your journey, climb onto the giant dragon, still heading south, and drop down safely on the other side. You will land in a field of glowing red flowers, which is the visual signature of Charo’s Hidden Grave.

A little further there is a Tibian Mariner who summons a Transplanted enemy in battle, so don’t hesitate to summon your spirit. There is a lot to grab and see, but the real attraction is the Prison of Lamenters. Inside this nasty little place you’ll find the Chilling Perfume Bottle, the perfect weapon for the Perfumer’s set and an straightforward way to exploit Frostbite’s weaknesses. Most enemies and main bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree are vulnerable to Frostbite, so it’s an excellent weapon to have on hand.

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