Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake creator says he regrets that such an early announcement left people hanging


Team Asano, the studio behind the Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D remake, has admitted that it regrets announcing the game back in 2021, leaving fans longing for a release date reveal that only appeared this week via Nintendo Direct. By the way, November 14 is the date in case you were busy washing your hair on the afternoon of June 18.

Yes, until last month’s trailer, we had heard almost nothing about the game since it was revealed along with a whole bunch of other Dragon Quest games during a special Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary livestream during which everyone seemed to pass out . he nodded and said “errr, that’s our thing too.” Naturally, people wanted to know more about the remake, and its creators weren’t able to tell them yet.

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Now, in a tweet from the official Bravely Default 2 account, Asano’s team has stated that they would probably have done things differently if, as Cher claims, they could turn back time.

“We have been told that too much time has passed since the announcement of the start of development, but this is not unusual considering that all of our titles have been in development for 3 to 4 years,” reads a translation of the post in question. By Machine.

“However, the (initial) announcement was too early compared to others (we are considering it),” the developer continued. “So thank you very much for waiting.” Here you go. They wonder how you would put them in jail for getting their hopes up prematurely.

If you’re struggling to extend your time until November 14, checking out our impressions from a recent hands-on with the game is definitely a good way to pass the time, even if I can’t promise you won’t come away even more excited.

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