CryptoHunter Global Anti-Abuse System


The need for an anti-abuse system

X2E services have created a modern paradigm with an attractive model that rewards users. However, behind this success, the token economy is threatened by the rise of bots and user exploitation.
They operate solely for profit, without any feelings or interest in the service. They benefit more from bots working 24/7 than regular users.
As a result, fraudulently acquired tokens are sold on the market, which causes their value to decline, prevents the normal token economy model from functioning, and creates a vicious cycle in which ordinary users and investors are harmed and leave.

Unlike typical Web2 games, bot and abuse issues have a more severe impact on the service in blockchain-based X2E services.
24/7 bots and tokens distributed to abusive users cannot be recovered once distributed, and service investors must bear all damages.
These issues undermine the fairness of the game and ultimately discourage both users and investors.
Therefore, bots and abuses need to be further reduced in Web3 X2E services.

CryptoHunter World’s anti-abuse model

Hunter mode

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CryptoHunter World Hunter Mode is a service for users who purchase NFT shoes, and all user actions are added up into a score, and utility tokens are rewarded based on that.
Hunter Mode is the core of the token’s economic model, so abuse cannot occur. For this purpose, we have introduced a pedometer system with GPS function. This system not only tracks the user’s location, but also tracks their activities such as walking speed and gait, which prevents abuse through straightforward GPS manipulation.

Game and P2E system

CryptoHunter World has a mighty P2E element, as well as an M2E element. Users should be able to collect, enhance, and utilize various Cryptids, and abuse should be minimized in the process. There are three ways to collect Cryptids: activating the Cryptid Cube, completing Adventure Mode mission rewards, and Hunter Mode.

• Cryptid Cube: They can be activated by purchasing items, and free users can also activate some Cryptids Cubes by performing various actions.

• Adventure mode: This is a service for free users, operated via a smartphone pedometer. Compared to the daily mission limit and Hunter Mode, it is complex to collect a lot of Cryptids in a compact time to have a significant impact on the P2E model.

• Hunter Mode: There are many chances and opportunities to encounter Cryptids. Abuse is not possible through GPS manipulation, as it aims at the probability of discovering a Cryptid based on a certain number of steps, not the presence of monsters in a specific GPS.

In summary, CryptoHunter World maintains a stable token economy with a mighty anti-abuse system and provides users with a fair gaming environment. It blocks cheating with a GPS-based pedometer system and various anti-abuse models, and combines P2E and M2E elements to provide a more engaging gaming experience.
At CryptoHunter World you can enjoy the adventure of a real hunter in a fair and secure environment. Start your unforgettable experience now!

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