BurgerCities public round-robin testing is now officially online


  • BurgerCities begins public testing of Round-robin mode, previously known as 3v3.
  • Players can earn uncommon rewards for reporting bugs during the testing period.
  • Integrating DeFi and NFTs in a unified and unified metaverse.

Burger Cities he took it significant step In metaworld world with this beginning Round-robin mode for public testing.

This fresh phase, Which replaces the previous 3v3 formatinvites users to actively participate error detection while you enjoy enriched gaming experience.

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During the test period lasting from From June 28 to July 12, 2024 participants in BurgerCities Round robin to have a unique opportunity actively participate in the development of the platform.

By meticulously reporting errors encountered during gaming sessions, users not only aid improve your gaming experience but also qualify for exclusive prizes.

This proactive engagement has a dual purpose: it encourages social involvement although significantly improving overall quality With BurgerCities offer before its official launch.

This initiative highlights BurgerCities commitment to deliver velvety and enjoyable end-user experience.

By solving errors and technical faults during test phase, development team can escalate stability and functionality platforms.

This Proactive approach ensures that when BurgerCities opens its doors to a wider audience, users can expect refined and reliable gaming environment.

Users will be able to participate in social activitiesto participate in DeFi Transactions Such as commercial and staking, as well as discovering the fascinating world of NFTs on your own avatars.

Burger Cities Round-Robin Public Tests Are Now Officially Online

Driving towards the future of the BurgerCities metaverse

With the launch Round robin mode mode, BurgerCities aims to not only provide entertainment to users but also create a foundation for a more solid and vigorous metaworld environment.

Integration DeFi AND NFTs promises to offer fresh economic and artistic opportunities in the digital space, expanding the possibilities of user interaction and involvement in it virtual universe.

This step forward not only means evolution in the field of online gaming but also significant progress towards becoming more inclusive and accessible metaworld for all technology and gaming enthusiasts.

With every test and error reported, Burger Cities is moving closer to its truly global and decentralized vision metaworldwhere the community can grow and prosper together.

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